If I Won the Big One

I took a detour on the way home from the gym today and took the scenic route. The day felt more like late spring after an April shower. The air was damp and humid, and the sun began to shine. Although, the pumpkins outside of shops windows and on residential door steps, as well as the red and golden leaves on the grass and streets demanded ownership of the true season.

I passed the convenient store and saw the large Lotto signs. “This week’s jackpot is 25 million. Make it your reality.” I felt in the bottom of my purse for any loose change and felt nada. Looking in my wallet I found I ten-dollar bill. Usually I don’t have cash and just use my debit card. I took this as a sign. Instead of turning the corner and heading for the local Starbucks, I decided to spend my money on two Lotto tickets instead of a Lara bar and pumpkin spiced latte. These days I rarely “invest” in the lottery. I used be in pools at various jobs. Today I was feeling lucky. I bought one ticket with my own numbers (significant ages and birthdays) and one machine-automated quick pick. “Good luck, M’am,” the attendant smiled handing me my tickets.

From there, my walk home turned into imagination central. What would I do with 25 million buckaroos? Well, I do know what I would do with 25 million buckaroos.

  • I would travel to my dream destinations. Greece, Costa Rica,  The Azores. One thing is for sure, I would add a lot of new stamps to my passport.  Ever since seeing the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, I have always dreamed of visiting  the beautiful vineyards of Tuscany and experiencing the local wine. Diane Lane looks like she is indulging in one of my favourite hobbies. The lady likes her red!

Image result for Under the Tuscan sun gifs



  • Tying in with travel, I think I would definitely book a fitness/wellness related retreat. Bali or Tulum comes to mind as the perfect destinations. Yoga on the beach and tropical fruits every morning from a balcony over-looking the ocean? Yes please!

File:A meditation yoga on a beach.jpg


  • A great joy of having that kind of money would mean helping others. How amazing it would feel to help my family and Andy’s family pay off any debts, mortgages, car notes, bills. Especially to my nieces and nephews just starting out and now with kids of their own.


  • There are so many charities I would research. Orphanages, schools in remote villages with insufficient or inadequate supplies, but with children who have a burning desire to learn and embrace new opportunities. Churches, The Leprosy foundation. Habitat for Humanity, A.I.D.S hospices, hurricane relief for Haiti. The list is endless. I currently give what I can, but just imagine writing a big, fat cheque to one of these causes. This would bring me huge joy and satisfaction.


I think I have covered it. Of course a few new pairs of shoes and spa visits on a regular basis would be on the agenda. If I win, when you visit Trex to Tigress next time, there will be some major fancy technical changes on the blog.

Tell me, what would you do if you hit the big one?


7 thoughts on “If I Won the Big One

  1. Haha! You have me dreaming with you. Yes to new passport stamps. I’ve searched The Azores and it is quite appealing. I’ve got a co-worker from Bali and even though I wasn’t interested, social media pics has heightened my interest. I wish you the best. Muah!

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