I’m so Excited!

Trex to Tigress is starting out 2015 with a major roar! No, I have not yet done my first unassisted pull-up, but this news is just as exciting. I was able to chronicle a part of the journey of figure/bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes today as she preps for her first competition in March.  I interview … More I’m so Excited!

You are the Magic

I just couldn’t sleep last night. Getting out of bed, I made a sleepy-time tea to see if this would help. I should have delved back into my book, but instead I turned on the TV and started to channel hop. It was wee hours past midnight when all the infomercials are trying to convince … More You are the Magic

Dancing in the Streets

If you happened to hear the melodious sounds of the steel pan this weekend, it was probably coming from Toronto. Every year thousands of people gather in Toronto’s Lakeshore West neighbourhood for the biggest street party of the summer, The Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival. Folks come from all over the world to take part in … More Dancing in the Streets

Weekend Weakness

It’s Friday. I have had one busy week. Work was hectic. The work week has come to a close. Boy, could I use a glass of wine, maybe two glasses and some take out for dinner. This is my typical scenario on Fridays, as I segue into weekend bliss. A time to relax, unwind and … More Weekend Weakness

Here Me Roar!

Since I am a merely a novice when it comes to nutrition, I study and take notes from many blogs and fitness magazines. The common theme is, clean eating is 90% of the journey. In other words, even if I’m  zumba-ing, spinning and weight training my little heart out , but I’m not being mindful … More Here Me Roar!