Please be Safe

Yesterday I went to work with Andy. It was a gorgeous day and I had no pressing plans and just wanted to get out the apartment. I mentioned on my blog before that Andy is a musician. Specifically he plays the steel pan, and summer is the busy season for him. Many times I will … More Please be Safe

Not Everyone Cares About Your Fitness Passion

We have our “fit fams” and “fitspo” on Instagram, clean eating and train hard groups on Facebook. Many will post their meal plans, favourite plank variations, TRX suspension moves and battle rope swag. The thing is, not everyone cares about these things outside of these forums. On specific internet and social media groups we can … More Not Everyone Cares About Your Fitness Passion

Insta Inspire

Hey fit fam! I love your ‘Grams. ¬†When I started an Instagram account I doubted I would be scrolling through it much. That was not true. Almost every night, I go through my feed for recipes, workout ideas, to travel off to exotic places and to unwind. I myself like to post about three times … More Insta Inspire

Me, Myselfie and I

I got some good news on a dismal Sunday evening. Who doesn’t like good news? Especially on a dismal Sunday evening. I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! The bad news is I have to send the organization a photo of myself, either a large head shot, or me being active somehow. Why is … More Me, Myselfie and I