And just like that, recovery is over!

It has been five weeks since my surgery and I will be back at work on the 19th of March. My recovery period was pretty uneventful, except for one hiccup. After surgery, I developed a nasty Urinary Tract Infection. For anyone that has experienced the utter gates of hell of a UTI, you know what I mean when I say nasty. The burning sensation when urinating, the trickle or drop that comes out when you feel as though your bladder is about to burst. The overall discomfort and pain is very hard to deal with for a long period of time. That is why I found myself in emergency waiting to see a doctor at 2 am on a Saturday morning to prescribe me some antibiotics. After 48 hours the medication started to kick in and I could feel my bladder getting back to its old, healthy self. Phew! What a relief that was.

Aside from that mishap, I had a lot of time on my hands to be resting and recovering. Although I was bored on some days, it is imperative to listen to your doctor’s instruction to heal. For some, especially those who are used to a certain amount of activity, resting can be a challenge. Overdoing it will only result in major setbacks. One day I felt that I could clean the bathroom and mop the floors. Big mistake! I was feeling it the next day and not in a good way. I felt extra fatigued and sore around my incisions. Andy was really good with cleaning all the time, but one day when he was out I was feeling extra ambitious and thought I would be fine. Again, listen to your doctor! Rest means rest. So what did I do when time was on my side?

For the first and second week, all I could really do was walk up the hallway in my building. Lifting and strenuous activity was a no-no, but I was advised to walk and do some light leg movement, such as ankle circles to avoid blood clots. I could walk about two times up the hallway, and worked up to four to six times without stopping. As for my appetite, I could really only stomach soups, jello and hot tea. Coffee made my stomach queasy, so I stuck with green and ginger teas for the first few weeks. By the third day home I was completely off the heavy narcotics and was feeling very little pain. Only a little shoulder tip pain from the gases that were pumped inside me during the laparoscopy.

I was very happy that I was able to catch up on reading. I love to read so I spent many hours buried into some good books. I also got hooked on a show called Imposters. Have you heard of this show? Without giving away too much, it is all about a seductress with a salacious appetite for robbing rich men out of their fortunes after they get married. She leaves without a trace, and the men soon come discover their bank accounts are dried out and they are left without a wife.  On she goes to next rich sucker. Only if men were not so weak when a sexy lady in heels, a tight skirt and red lips sends a smile their way. I binge-watched the entire first season. It was sooo good!

By the third and fourth weeks, I was feeling stronger by the day. My stamina was improving and I took my walks from the hallway to the treadmill, walking for up to one mile without getting tired. What helped my stamina improve was the return of my appetite. I was able to eat more than soups and felt myself craving various foods, such as lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I also was able to change out of my “pajama couture” and into some actual clothes. The fleece and flannel look gets tired fast. I went out one night to celebrate my sister-in-law’s 50th birthday. It was fun, but I couldn’t stay too long into the night. I was tired earlier than usual and listened to my body. When I was ready for bed, I didn’t try to fight it. Sleeping is another important factor to heal. That night, I stuck with mineral water at the party. My beloved vino was not sitting well on my stomach either.

My sister-in-law (seen in glasses). Can you believe she’s 50?!

Andy and I also went to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Viking Exhibit. We are both big fans of the show. It entailed a lot of walking but luckily the museum had benches that I could sit and rest on when I felt fatigued. I was able to hold a shield and pretend to be a shield maiden for a minute. I was not about to go way downtown to the museum and not hold a shield and weapon.

It is over five weeks in and I am feeling great! I had my post op appointment yesterday, and the doctor said my little keyhole incisions are healing nicely and that I could resume my regular daily activities. Tomorrow we leave for Chicago and I am feeling well enough to walk and tour the windy city.


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