Why Not a Holistic approach?

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you a day filled with lots of love…and chocolate perhaps?

Since sharing my fibroids story, I have received quite a few emails and DM’s from ladies who are suffering from this affliction. One lady said that I since I live a life trying to focus on wellness, why didn’t I try to treat my fibroids holistically? This is a great question. The simple answer is, I did. I tried but the natural path didn’t work for me.

To be honest, I tend to be impatient (I get it from my mom) and sometimes want things to start working in my favour immediately. I know this trait is not beneficial to me, but it’s me nonetheless. I try to control it but it doesn’t always work that way. As we all know natural remedies take longer to work than medical interventions through pills. I even enlisted the help from a parent at the school where I work who is well versed in natural remedies. She gave me a list of all the “do’s”  and “don t’s”. She herself was suffering from endometriosis after the birth of her twins, and was controlling it through her diet. In conjunction with what I researched online, talking to the dietician at my local health food store, I did all the things that are useful in shrinking fibroids. I avoided caffeine, alcohol, ate even more leafy greens, drank special (and very expensive) teas and even started going to Pilates at my gym. However, this proved unsuccessful. I still experienced all the crippling  symptoms of the fibroids every month and it was worsening.

I firmly believe in the power of natural medicine and using food as a healing agent for many diseases and ailments. For me, I think it was just too late. The fibroids had grown so powerfully large and multiplied,  that I needed an equally powerful way to rid my body of them. However, if you recently discovered that you have fibroids and they are small or maybe you only have one, a holistic approach may work for you. Who knows, maybe if I paid more attention to my reproductive system aside from just getting my yearly pap, I could have avoided the hysterectomy. I think if I were actively trying to conceive a few years earlier instead of not at all, an OB/GYN would have discovered why I would have been having trouble getting pregnant. Being childless by choice, I never paid any of these things any mind until it was too late. I think discovering these bad boys early is key and leave you with a lot more options. If you have fibroids and hope to oneday conceive, I would advise getting them taken care of sooner rather than later, as they can thrive quickly. A myomectomy might be the answer for you. Removing the fibroids while keeping the uterus in tact.

To all the ladies going through this, do what is right for YOU. Be it medical or holistic treatments, always try to get a second opinion if unsure about something and see a doctor who will take the time to answer your questions to meet your specific needs. Look after yourself ; avoid stress and unnecessary anxiety in your life.

Good luck and God bless.

9 thoughts on “Why Not a Holistic approach?

  1. I agree 100% with what you said about how each person has to do what is right for them. It really just depends on the person and the circumstances. My SIL recently had to have a hysterectomy because of a large tumor she had. In her case she definitely had to act quickly and deliberately. The holistic route would not of helped her much I’m afraid.

  2. Sadly it is true that in today’s world sometimes the damge is hard to reverse… that’s not to say there’s no hope or progress to be done. But like you said, everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another… although in my journey to health with type 1 diabetes I realize some things may be irreversable, yet the health I do gain throgh natural holistic healing is def. Worth it😊

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