On the Ball

Today was leg day, but I didn’t feel like being in the gym. Let me explain, the sun was finally shining! It has been about three consecutive days of over cast skies and rain here, hence the reason I was itching to get outdoors at the thought of basking in nature’s vitamin D. I jumped … More On the Ball

Plank Success Story

If you read this post, you know that the plank is a challenge for me; a pain in my back very literally. I have spent a lot of time avoiding this core-strengthening exercise due to fear and frustration. I am happy to announce that I can now hold a plank for almost 2 minutes. (1 … More Plank Success Story

What a Plank

Help! I’m stuck in a plank rut! When I first started to do this core strengthening exercise in the summer, I could plank on my toes for roughly 20 seconds. From day one, I found this exercise to be very difficult. Not just challenging, but difficult. Gradually through a lot of sweat and near to … More What a Plank