Beauty and the Barbells

I connected with bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes via Facebook. Angela and I go way back from our teen years through a mutual friend. She always enjoyed staying active teaching Belly Dance. A while back, Angela pursued her certification in personal training and began weight training. As she prepares to enter a bikini competition in March, … More Beauty and the Barbells

Boulder Shoulders

A couple of months ago LeBron James was front and centre in the news. His announcement that he is returning to Cleveland had residents cheering and celebrating in the streets. Andy is a huge basketball fan, and of course he was watching all the coverage on the sport networks. He especially followed The Heat, being … More Boulder Shoulders

My Lady Lumps

Can we talk orange peel? Not the skin that covers the citrus fruit, but the type found on my thighs. I have managed to make changes to my body that I’m very proud of. I have dropped down four pant sizes, but still have cellulite on my thighs. My saddlebags are pretty much gonzo, but … More My Lady Lumps

In Like a Tigress

Here we are in March 2014 already. Only 111 days until summer? Are you doing the countdown? I know I am! This winter has been especially cruel. The cold air has my skin so dry, I can use my arms as sandpaper. Anyone’s floor need a good sanding? I have heard that dry skin rubbing … More In Like a Tigress