Do it for the Wow!

I am going to Belize on July first! I am not a huge exclamation point person, so I must be very excited! (There’s another one.) My auntie (mom’s sister) is there, along with all my cousins. Not only looking forward to sand, sea and lobster, but also some family time. My cousin just tied the … More Do it for the Wow!

Beach Blanket Bingo.

I always remember America’s sweethearts Annette Funicello and Franky Avalon on the beach in the movies. This reminds me of summertime; being young and carefree and hanging out with friends. They would do that little twisty dance on a towel, catch Frisbees mid air and eat ice-cream cones.¬† All the bathing beauties looked fabulous in … More Beach Blanket Bingo.