I am making some cutbacks. Not in my budget, although that would not be a bad idea, but in my cardio routine. I stepped on the scale today, and got a surprise. I lost ten pounds. I am now 122 lbs. I noticed my clothes, especially pants, becoming slacker and slacker, but never suspected that … More Cutbacks

Treading Along

The treadmill machine is a place I spend a lot of time on at the gym. I try to fit in at least 4 days of cardio per week, and when it’s too cold or wet outside, the treadmill is usually my cardio machine of choice. It comes in handy if I can’t stick around … More Treading Along


Ta-what-a? That was the question I asked when my friend invited me to a Tabata class in late summer. I have been a huge fan of this form of exercise ever since. Tabata is: A unique form of intense cardiovascular training created by Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, where you train in intervals. The intervals are … More Ta-what-a?