The Naked Truth

I have a funny story to share. Well, it was funny to me. My story is all about nudity and our comfort levels. Sharing a gym locker room with women, you see all degrees of comfort. Some ladies feel free to walk around in their under garments, wrapped in a small towel coming from the … More The Naked Truth

Of All the Cables in the Gym, She Walks into Mine

I often compare the gym to my work environment. The kindergarten classroom. Just think of it. You can’t use things in excess¬† and must give others a turn (sharing). You have to put the toys back on the shelf when you are finished playing (tidying up.) Just like the gym. Hogging equipment is often frowned … More Of All the Cables in the Gym, She Walks into Mine

A Beefcake’s Beef

I have often talked about gym etiquette on my blog. Now I would like to address gym attitudes. While perusing various news feeds on FB, I came across this rant from an acquaintance of mine, Andrae U-Neek Mercury. Andre works out hard and eats clean to maintain his muscular and developed physique, he also happens … More A Beefcake’s Beef