Rib Fest 2013

The Rotary Pickering Ribfest comes but once a year. I kind of look forward to this event like a kid does to Christmas morning. Every first weekend of June, from Friday to Sunday, droves of people near and far, line up for a taste of smoky, succulent goodness that literally falls off the bone. The … More Rib Fest 2013

Weekend Weakness

It’s Friday. I have had one busy week. Work was hectic. The work week has come to a close. Boy, could I use a glass of wine, maybe two glasses and some take out for dinner. This is my typical scenario on Fridays, as I segue into weekend bliss. A time to relax, unwind and … More Weekend Weakness

The 5 x 5 Diet.

Yesterday we took a look at my nephew Joshua’s weight training program in this post, The 5 x 5 Program. Today, I thought we take a look at what he eats to gain size. Daily Food Consumption to Sustain Mass: This is the diet that I am following. 6:30AM 4 Eggs Protein Scoop of Oatmeal … More The 5 x 5 Diet.

Here Me Roar!

Since I am a merely a novice when it comes to nutrition, I study and take notes from many blogs and fitness magazines. The common theme is, clean eating is 90% of the journey. In other words, even if I’m  zumba-ing, spinning and weight training my little heart out , but I’m not being mindful … More Here Me Roar!