Facing my Goliath

I was feeling frustrated with my stalled pull-up progress. Many people I spoke with at my gym (well the three ladies who can do unassisted pull-ups) all said it took them about a year or less to do unassisted pull-ups with consistent training. That was my first mistake. Comparing my progress to others. What is … More Facing my Goliath

Weekend Weakness

It’s Friday. I have had one busy week. Work was hectic. The work week has come to a close. Boy, could I use a glass of wine, maybe two glasses and some take out for dinner. This is my typical scenario on Fridays, as I segue into weekend bliss. A time to relax, unwind and … More Weekend Weakness

What Motivates You?

I was sitting peacefully on my couch, ensconced in my fleece blanket, still in my pj’s at noon and sipping on a steaming cup of java goodness. Converter in hand, I looked out my window as snowflakes twirled in the wind before falling to the ground. Looked chilly out there, much better to stay indoors … More What Motivates You?