The Yoga Collective

When I first started exercising consistently and seriously, I never gave Yoga much thought. I didn’t think it could help me achieve any of my goals in strength or endurance. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Practicing Yoga has helped me in my cross-training endeavours in so many ways, but we will save … More The Yoga Collective

Yoga ain’t Easy!

After reading CDK’s post, I completely agree with her, Yoga is a challenge. It is not a pass to sleep or nap on your rubbery mat, there is also a lot of work involved. Yes, there are quiet moments where relaxation and quietness of the mind is a key component, but most of the class … More Yoga ain’t Easy!

A Mind That Matters

I met my friend, Christopher Emmanuel thirteen years ago through my friend and former roommate Karen. ¬†Christopher and Karen were in a relationship, and we all shared humble surroundings in our tiny flat in Cancun, Mexico. Here we lived, laughed and learned all while escaping the harsh Canadian winters. What I first noticed about Chris … More A Mind That Matters