A Change in Direction

Hello beautiful strangers! I have to call you strangers because it has been too long since my last post. My previous post was titled “Let’s play Catch up.”  Well, I think I should also name this post “Let’s Play Catch Up” because once again, it’s very appropriate due to my absence on here. I continue … More A Change in Direction

A Beautiful Sight

I had two beautiful sightings this week. One was my very first monarch butterfly sighting this summer on my evening walk. I love taking a walk after dinner some nights, while the evenings are still balmy and refreshing. I passed a bed of vibrant flowers, when a monarch gracefully floated and perched itself right on … More A Beautiful Sight

Back on Track

Yes! I woke up to the sound of chirping and tweeting, instead of snowplows and salt trucks. Yes my dear friends, Spring is in the air and it’s not just the birds who are happy. People are out and about everywhere, from children on bikes, runners, walkers, shoppers and gardeners. What a magical time of … More Back on Track

Crisis Averted

I can feel it rearing its ugly head; it’s looming just around the corner. Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly called SAD.  I’m sad, always cold and feeling blah. I have had enough of the brutally cold, dark days, slipping on a patch of ice and shivering in the car as the engine warms up. This winter … More Crisis Averted

A Fall Tune-up

The air is a little fresher, the days are becoming shorter and the back to school ads are on TV as Fall edges closer. I always look at a new season as if it is a new beginning. I look back and take a look at my fitness goals. Did I do what needs to … More A Fall Tune-up

A Mind That Matters

I met my friend, Christopher Emmanuel thirteen years ago through my friend and former roommate Karen.  Christopher and Karen were in a relationship, and we all shared humble surroundings in our tiny flat in Cancun, Mexico. Here we lived, laughed and learned all while escaping the harsh Canadian winters. What I first noticed about Chris … More A Mind That Matters