Happy summer! I am into week two of my summer break and having a grand old time so far. This week I went on a little getaway to Picton, Ontario in Prince Edward County. A quaint little place with small town charm. The street is lined with family run cafes, “Al” type diners, ice-cream parlours, … More Vacation/Staycation

The Golden Rules

Happy birthday to Betty White! My favourite Golden Girl in the popular prime time comedy that seemed like it aired an eternity ago. I couldn’t decide which Golden Girl I liked best at first, the feisty Sophia Patrillo with her, “Picture it. Sicily, 1920…” ¬† introductions as she made that famous, slow panoramic wave of … More The Golden Rules

Please be Safe

Yesterday I went to work with Andy. It was a gorgeous day and I had no pressing plans and just wanted to get out the apartment. I mentioned on my blog before that Andy is a musician. Specifically he plays the steel pan, and summer is the busy season for him. Many times I will … More Please be Safe