Need a Quickie?

Get your minds out of the gutter. When I say quickie, I am implying a fast, effective workout when you are crunched for time. Let’s face it. Who isn’t crunched for time in one way or the other?

This week has been very busy for me. After the work day, I have been rushing to my parents’ home to assist them with cooking and household chores. My poor mom had a bad fall this weekend. She leaned on an unstable end table in her bedroom, fell down and the table fell right on her ribs! To make a long story short, her ribs are severely bruised, she is in excruciating pain and is on doctor-ordered bed rest. Naturally I’m very worried. She is at the vulnerable age of 82.

When I got home from my parents’, I was feeling the need to de stress. After deciding against wine to feel less anxious, I knew what I needed was exercise. Not feeling like going to the gym, I got my tablet to do a quick fifteen minute Pilates workout from my Sworkit app.

Sworkit is perfect when you need to get through a fast workout.  The app allows you to custom time your workout session from five to sixty minutes. The basic app is free. I don’t have the upgrade because the free package has a lot of variety.


Another one of my favourite go-to apps is the Nike Training app. There is a wide array of workouts to choose from such as cardio, strength training and yoga, ranging from 7 to 45 minutes. The feature I love best is the detailed video demo if you are unsure about exercise form.


Last week I did a killer core workout for 7 minutes that made laughing very difficult the day after.


Blogs are another resource for workouts, often these workouts are designed for busy folks and are quick while allowing you to challenge your whole body. I love this one from Autumn’s blog.



Life can get messy, busy, overwhelming and stressful. A little movement can go along way to help you get through the hard times. Ok, and a little glass of wine this Friday.


17 thoughts on “Need a Quickie?

  1. Hope your Mum gets better soon!

    I have express workouts, aka I have about 50 minutes to get an hour’s workout done in before appointments. It works kinda. I don’t like I have to rush, but I like I’m not at the gym for so long!

  2. I’m sorry to hear of your moms fall. I hope she feels better soon! Girl if you only knew…you made my day, thank you for sharing my workout! I feel honored to be featured with some of the BEST workouts out there!!! Im so grateful, truly you’re the best!

    1. Thank-you Autumn. She is finally starting to heal and doesn’t need such strong pain killers.
      Thank-you for creating such varied workouts on your blog. They are so helpful to busy people to stay active and healthy. You’re awesome!

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