Do it for the Wow!

I am going to Belize on July first! I am not a huge exclamation point person, so I must be very excited! (There’s another one.) My auntie (mom’s sister) is there, along with all my cousins. Not only looking forward to sand, sea and lobster, but also some family time. My cousin just tied the knot, so I am looking forward to celebrating with the happy couple. Oh, and it’s mango season. Hello nature’s candy. I don’t cut them all clever and neat. I just peel back the skin and get in there. Love when the juice drips down my arms. I just jump back in the Caribbean Sea to wash off the stickiness.

I also bought a new bikini. I was questioning whether I should because I was wondering if 40 plus ladies should wear bikinis. Do bikinis have the same rule as no more skirts above the knee and other mid-life fashion faux pas? I’m not sure. Should I just go with a tankini? I would rather swim in a snowsuit before I have to resort to those bathing suits with skirts. Then I read this article, and decided to go with the bikini.

Here is it by the way…..


I love the tropical pattern. Just what I was going for.

Not only the article convinced me to buy this bikini,  but I am working hard in the gym and eating well. I have the positive body confidence to go along with it, so why the heck not? All my bikini questions in mid-life lead me to thinking about working out for  aesthetic reasons.

To be honest, I do work out to not only feel better, but also to look better. I personally love the aesthetic side of a six pack and well developed arms. However when I started working out seriously and devoted time to become fitter, firmer glutes were only a fraction of what transpired. I began to feel a mind transformation. Bench presses with an increase, doing ten burpees when you could initially only do two is a very empowering feeling. It is a phenomenal positive boost to your mental strength, not just physical benefits . Achieving goals that you once found intimidating is such an amazing feeling. I am sure anyone who has reached a fitness goal that once seemed daunting can attest to this feeling.

This wow feeling was one of the main reason I wanted so much to complete a full pull-up. I never did accomplish this goal, although I got pretty close. Getting my chin closer and closer to the bar had my wow feeling on high. I would come home from the gym like a gushing teenager whose high school crush asked her to the dance, as I told Andy that I’m getting closer to my pull up goal.  Imagine how I would of felt if I actually got my chin to the bar. This is a goal I plan to revisit oneday, because I just love that feeling of achievement and success

Yes, do it for the glutes, abs, quads or to look fabulous in your bikini, or whatever your aesthetic pleasure, but there is nothing that comes close to beating the wow.





13 thoughts on “Do it for the Wow!

  1. Vaya chica! That’s some bikini! You’ll rock it! I must be an excitable person by the amount of exclamation marks I use. I’m trying to reduce them. Trying.
    Anyways, have an amazing time in Belize. Any naysayers on ladies over 40’s in bikinis, send them to my gym/club. I know ladies in their 70′ and 80’s who still rock bikinis. Yes, you read correctly, ladies in their 80’s. Someone in a one piece sticks out like a sore thumb.
    I read the article and I can relate. Today was the first day wearing shorts all day in a long time and got me thinking. Can I still wear short shorts way into my 40’s and beyond without looking mutton dressed as lamb? If Edie Brit did, so can I!
    Have an amazing time feeling soaking up the Caribbean rays!
    Not the slightest bit jealous! xoxo

    1. Thanks Nat! 70’s and 80’s?? You’re kidding? I think at that age I’ll definitely be resorting to the bathing suit with the skirt.
      All these age faux pas to consider. I once saw a lady my age in those booty shorts walking down the street. I think that’s a faux pas!

      1. Ha ha! You’ll still be rocking a bikini. As for the lady, it depends on her legs and attitude! Booty, booty shorts maybe not. Short shorts, maybe!

  2. That is a tiny beautiful suit!!!! AT 58, it just doe not cut it here anymore. I can wear a sort of 2 piece if I want but until you get here, ya just don’t understand no matter how fit you are.. 🙂 ENJOY! I am jealous! 🙂

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