Hello Monday. We Meet Again

This weekend was low key and perfect in its simplicity. Friday night we tried out a new place in the area for dinner called The Rum Diaries. The Rum Diaries has a nice ambiance, with a wide variety of featured rums from all over the Caribbean. I had a Pinot Gregio at the Rum Diaries. Go figure. I’m not a big rum drinker, unless on vacation. I looked at the menu beforehand online, and was immediately sold on the lobster mac and cheese. It was very tasty and decadent. My treat meal of the week for sure.


Andy had the stuffed snapper with garlic mash and a curry sauce. He said it was good. He’s usually kind of picky.


I enjoyed the chilled, yet upscale atmosphere. Perfect for a girls night out, or to celebrate an occasion and the prices were very reasonable.



Later that night, I was feeling for something sweet because I skipped on dessert at the restaurant. I added another item to my treat of the week, and went out and got a blizzard from DQ to celebrate the end of actual blizzard season for a long time.


On Saturday morning I was supposed to meet a few friends at the marina for yoga on the beach, but I opted out because it was a bit on the chilly side for me. I love outdoor Yoga classes, but it must be nice and warm. The class runs until the end of May so hopefully the mornings will warm up so I can attend. The instructor Len, as coincidence would have it,  teaches a few cardio dance classes at my gym. He just returned from exotic India where he traveled to learn more about this practice.

Yoga on the beach at Frenchman’s Bay Marina. If you live in the Pickering area, it’s FREE.

Free Yoga on the Beach

On Sunday, I visited my parents. Andy made them his famous jerk wings. Well, they are things legends are made of in my family. I will have to post his recipe on this blog one day soon.

Tonight I am heading out to restorative yoga for the late class. My amiga from work Kathy was supposed to meet me, but she had to reschedule. So I am flying solo. In that case I just may go in my P.J’s and then melt straight into bed. Ahhhh bliss. It is a very gentle practice, with a lot of stretching out the major muscles.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Oh, and happy May!


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday. We Meet Again

  1. Jerk wings? YES. I had root beer wings this past weekend at a new restaurant that were very good but I could definitely go for some heat. Good for you for treating yourself to DQ and cheesy mac, we need those treats for our happiness 🙂

  2. I will NOT be showing fiance a pic of that blizzard. He would probably risk his life and jump in front of a bus to save one from getting run over if this situation was about to happen! LMFAO!

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