The Facts of Life on the RHOA

I was going to write a post about my training update but I have more pressing matters to discuss, such as, why is Kim Fields a cast member on the RHOA?

First off, Andy Cohen and Bravo why do the Atlanta ladies come on at 11:00pm on Sunday now? You should have kept it on at the 10-11 pm slot. I can’t stay up that late when I have to be up early for work.

Now that I have that off my chest, back to Kim Fields. Throughout the season so far she has looked……

bewildered and/or irritated:





Image result for kim fields funny faces on RHOA gifs


and generally dumbfounded:


The plethora of emotions displayed by Kim are all due to the other ladies behaving badly. She was so taken aback during the Miami trip at the thong-clad twerking booties poolside, the cat fights and drama, the inebriation and calling of police in the dead of night, that she actually left the vacation rental early. Let’s face it, she high-tailed it out of there to return to the secure bosom of her family. She could not handle these rather high needs ladies.

Kim’s tag line at the show’s introduction is, family, faith and career. These are the facts of my life. Kim my dear, if those are the facts of your life, you are on the wrong show. With these ladies the facts are about cocktails, gossip and throwing shade.  They are not exactly the type to sit around the garden sipping tea and exchanging recipes found on Pinterest.

What I don’t understand is that Kim Fields must have been aware of the “theme” of the show. I’m sure she was no stranger to the housewives franchise. She lives right in Atlanta, not under a rock. Could be that she is trying to promote a new business venture. Handbags on the shopping network? A new line of products for curly hair? A new pilot for a show idea?  I mean, I find the drama entertaining to watch, but I know I could not be a cast member on the show knowing what it is all about. (Aside from the fact I’m poor and unknown and Andy Cohen would never ask me. But you know what I mean.)

Whatever is the case, Kimmie, this lion’s den of weave, fake eye-lashes and donkey booties is no place for the likes of you. I would stick with being remembered for your cute pigtails, roller skates and braces.

And so concludes my thought-provoking exchange.

Do you think Kimmie will be back next season? Or are the ladies too shady?



12 thoughts on “The Facts of Life on the RHOA

  1. A lot of people she is of a different class and don’t understand why she is on the show. Maybe if she returns, they should incorporate a new persona that includes understanding of the atmosphere. I personally do not watch as I too do not have cable (roommate motivation). I do watch it when given the opportunity though it’s not my first choice, no offense. The bickering has its limits for me. Bad Girls Club used to be it for me but then the drama overshadowed the alleged ‘mission’ of the show but they are returning back to the mission. I think it’s the origin of the “highly staged and dramatized” reality era. Even when the ladies of The View start talking over each other, I change the channel.

    1. No offence taken my friend. It’s good to see another perspective from people who don’t watch the housewives and their crazy antics. That is a good way of looking at it. Kind of like a person looking in from the outside into their nutty and chaotic world. I guess Kim is that voice of reason. I doubt she’ll be back next year though.

  2. Perhaps were overthinking this. Kim Fields could need the money. If the previews are more than a suggestion. Kenya who hates her may have taken her to the dark side…..

      1. Oh no, she has it in her. Who didn’t like her Regine Hunter. I’m listen to radio Andy and he is hinting that Kenya unleashes the housewife in Kim.

  3. I didn’t watch the show for a few seasons so I didn’t even know Kim Fields was on it but I saw an episode recently and was surprised to see … her on it, that Sheree is back, that Porsha and Kenya are friends again, or at least talking…
    The appeal is money. These women must get a whole lot of money for what is said about them on the show. I would think an established actress like Fields would have money from her career in the 80s or 90s but who knows.
    The episode I saw, they were in Washington and the congresswoman said some really negative things so Kim ran out of the room with her children. I dont think she belongs in the mix… Or maybe she can change them…

    1. I guess that is what comes down to it. $$$$. They don’t mind putting their lives out there to make a buck. I thought that Kim Fields would be doing okay too, but maybe she’s trying to get a little publicity for a new project. They ladies go back and forth in their disputes. I can’t keep up sometime.
      Thanks for the update. I haven’t seen an episode in weeks.

  4. I dont have cable either… I stream the show online. I live on the west coast and often get the show after 6pm Sundays. It will take a little effort, but you can get it. The show airs at 9pm and again at 11. One more option, if you have a friend with cable they may be willing to give you a code that will allow you to watch it online,

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