Does “It” Really Work?

It is Saturday night and I am having a relaxing one in. I just want to put on my P.J’s. make a cup of tea, and finally watch the movie The Perfect Guy. I also just got my new It Works exfoliating peel and I tried it already so I want to review how I found the product.

Before I begin, I just want to express that I am not selling It Works products nor is this a sponsored post. I simply want to share my thoughts on this product. I am sure you have seen It Works circulating all over social media. Distributors on your FB and IG feeds, or maybe you personally know someone who is selling the product or you are selling them yourself. I have been approached to sell and join teams with both It Works and Beachbody. I have nothing against either of these businesses, but selling products and programs is just not my thing so I always decline. I am not at all however opposed to trying various products and programs. I have done some Beachbody workouts in the past, and they are very effective. (Love my Shaunie T!) The Shakeology stuff is pretty tasty.

With It Works I was never interested in trying the crazy wrap thing. Cellulite is on my thighs and I have tried every cream, lotion and potion under the sun to get rid of it to no avail. The only thing that has ever worked for me is altering my diet by adding more greens and drinking a lot of water, reducing sugar and alcohol intake and plain old hard work in the gym. (lots of squats and lunges) But who knows? Maybe others have found the crazy wrap thing to be effective in battling this stubborn, dimpling skin condition.

Anyhow, my lady lumps aside, I ordered the Exfoliating Peel as a New Years gift to myself. My friend in The States tried it out, and she really liked the results. It was pricey, but I am a low maintenance type of gal. I don’t get facials, pedicures manicures or special hair treatments, plus I shop at PayLess shoes so I thought I should treat myself in some way. C’mon! I am of the fairer sex after all. I know I have upper lip hair, but girlfriend wants to look lady-like at times.

I was excited when my package came in only three days after ordering:


Before trying It Works facial peel, I examined my epidermis condition in the mirror. It was looking somewhat dull and feeling a little rough from the dry winter elements and probably age too. I also saw my larger pores around my nose and some faded, brown acne blemishes. (Apple cider vinegar with the mother has helped immensely with fading my blemishes by the way.)


The application process is straight forward. First, I washed my face with my usual cleanser. The exfoliating peel is dispensed from a dropper. You will see the little blue granules in the liquid.


Next, you are to apply a generous layer over your face and neck, which is exactly what I did. It has a pleasant, subtle fragrance and the granules feel gentle. Kind of like applying fine, wet sand on your face.


Next you are to wait ten minutes and let the peel settle on your face. During this time I flossed my teeth and had a glass of water. I will let you listen to the theme from Jeopardy to pass the time. Click here

Ok! I’m back! It’s been ten minutes and I rinse off the peel with cold water. Wowza, that’s cold! How do you runners handle ice baths?


I gently pat dry my face and neck.


I touch my face. Cheeks, forehead and chin. Ohhhhhlala, it feels very soft and silky. The overall tone and colour of my skin looks brighter too. There is definitely a dewy finish.


To conclude, I am pleased with the outcome. Of course this is just the first application. I probably won’t notice a big difference until at least a month of use. So, it does work from what I can see and feel. I will keep you posted.

Now, time for my movie with my new soft face and soft P.J’s.

Have a great night!






19 thoughts on “Does “It” Really Work?

    1. Hey Deb! First off, your skin is gorgeous and always glowing. Secondly, I know you know your products. This seems like a legit product that takes off the dull surface of skin. My skin feels so moisturzied and soft after use. I’ll let you know a month from now if you should invest. I like what I see so far.
      Have a great night!

  1. Beautiful as always. This face wash sounds interesing, Question – is it more of a daily/weekly scrub…or an actual peel…as in your face will get peely and flaky?

    1. Thanks my friend.
      This should be applied twice weekly. But….girlfriend doesn’t have that kind of $$ so I’ll do once weekly.
      It’s not a peel as I was thinking, it’s more an exfoliating scrub. I thought it would harden on my face and I would peel it off.

  2. That’s a great review. I get a lot of requests on Instagram and wonder if I should finally break down and try it too. Maybe one of these days, I’ll take the leap.
    I love a good face product but I am not the girliest girl either. I recently started wearing makeup on any more consistent basis than for a wedding but I know how important skin care is. I started selling Avon products and am loving their skin care and skin maintenance line now.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. My friend had nothing but great things to say about this product that I had to try it. Avon has some very nice products. My Avon rep stopped selling, so I haven’t bought anything from them lately.

  3. I haven’t heard of this! But in Europe probably not (or finding apple cider vinegar in with the mother). I use a Korean face scrub by Nature Republic, that I swear afterwards my skin’s a shade lighter it’s removed that much build up. But then I wear make up whenever I leave the house. Perfect skin I wasn’t blessed with!

    1. I have read about a Korean peel. I wonder if it’s the same company? It got rave reviews. I hear ya’ on the skin sister! I have had acne breakouts since my teens. When you start getting wrinkles with pimples it’s hard to know treat your skin. ACV has been a stinky, sour blessing to me.

      1. Hey Nat. I dilute. One part water to one part ACV. It’s very strong so I would suggest trying just a little diluted on maybe just your chin or cheek first. It will burn so test it out.

      2. I’ve just remembered it burns. I used it when I had a warts (oh so nice to discuss) in my hands and when applied to much, burnt fingers!

  4. Tigress, you have always been an encourager and Champion to me. I appreciate all the support you have given me these past years, therefore I am awarding you the Champion Trophy. Don’t worry there is little you must do for it and you many pass this one out as you come across other champions. See my post for details and place this on your award “mantel” on your blog site. Thank you for being you! Blessings,

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