Monday Motivational Song and Workouts

Happy Monday!

Are we back here already?  The weekend flew by in a blur. Last week it was a challenge to get to the gym. It was my first week back at work, and I think I’m still adjusting to early mornings and didn’t sleep very well throughout the week, worrying about sleeping in and looking at the clock all night. It was also a busy week. Twenty five young minds starting kindergarten, ready to embrace learning and ready to help me go for a glass of wine once Friday arrives. I’m busy, but they’re cute and they poke me in my sides when they want my attention because they can’t pronounce my last name yet. They are so tiny in September, and it is amazing to see their growth and progression by the end of June. But alas, despite being tired, I made it to the gym and got the work done. It is hard to get there after the work day, but I am so happy when those endorphins kick into high gear and I start sweating. Getting to the gym really is the hard part.

I survived the first week of school and celebrated with a glass of Pinot on Friday night. There was an early Fall chill in the evening air so I brought out the fleece.


Saturday night we went out for pad Thai at the Red House. It was delicious.


On Sunday, I prepared my lunch for the week. I made some chicken meat balls and chopped all my vegetables for steaming. Later, I will cook my quinoa.  Remember, prepping is a success essential.


While my trainer works on my new program, I will continue with my own workouts.

MONDAY: Biceps, back and core

TUESDAY:  Power Walking with Mary and Leslie after school and leg day

WEDNESDAY: Chest, triceps and shoulders

THURSDAY: Power walking with the gals

FRIDAY: Biceps, back, core


SUNDAY: Restorative yoga, Kundalini meditation

I also signed up for this great fundraiser which benefits disadvantaged youth by assisting with summer camp fees and I can’t wait. I love Zumba and I have been wanting to try Socasize. It also feels great to sweat for a good cause.


Now on to this week’s motivational song  from the Tigress playlist. It’s Lose Yourself by Eminem. I always play this song as I approach the dreaded pull-up bar. As Slim Shady says, “you can do anything you set your mind to, man.”

Man, I hope the Slim is right. Make it count!


6 thoughts on “Monday Motivational Song and Workouts

  1. Not a fleece! Nooo!

    I remember when I taught English as a foreign language in an after school activity in a French primary school. 13 5/6 year olds who only a few knew hello/goodbye, thank you. It was a tough few months, but by May I was so proud of them. They spoke a lot more English, mostly the basics, but I could talk to them and ask them in questions in English and they’d reply in French with the right answer. Well, maybe they did, my French isn’t that great. I can understand it, not reply very well! The 7/8 year olds were amazing at the end of the year. 9/10 year olds, well they were cheeky, but I don’t mind cheek as it showed they understood even if they didn’t show it, I knew it was there. I miss teaching kids at times, but I don’t miss when they were naughty and the whole class played up! I learnt a valuable lesson from teaching at a school (previously, I’d been private English teacher). Respect especially from kids isn’t given to you straight away. You have to earn it as much as they have to earn it from you. I’m babbling now! Maybe you can wear a name badge on each thigh to stop them poking you!

    1. It is a great feeling isn’t it? It makes you feel as though you did your job well. This must be especially true when teaching English to see student progress. When they’re naughty it is never fun. It can be so stressful. You really have to earn their trust and respect. I love your comments. You put such thought into them and I love that, Nat!

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