Monday Motivational Song and Weekly Workouts

Happy Labour Day! Before I head off for a dip in the pool, I wanted to pop in for Motivational Monday workouts and song.  It is hotter than a furnace in hell out there so a swim is a necessity today. I wasn’t going to post today, because I did yesterday and I don’t want to overload you nice folks, but I just started motivational Monday’s so I should be consistent.

Here are my workouts this week:

Monday:  I woke up early this morning and did go to the gym. I was expecting it to be a ghost town, thinking everyone would be at BBQ’s and poolside parties but I was wrong. It was pretty full. I did a chest, shoulder and tricep workout. I also squeezed in some HIIT like drills with step-ups, sprinting on the spot and walking lunges.

Tuesday: Rest. It is back to work and we are having an early dismissal and a welcome back gathering at Debbie’s house.

Wednesday: Back and biceps.
Restorative Yoga

Thursday:  HIIT

Friday: Chest, shoulders, triceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

This week’s motivational song on my playlist is from Canadian, Indie sweetheart Lights. You can warm up or take it nice and slow and cool down with this one. I love the lyrics in the song because she really sings of resiliency and the only way to go when at the bottom. Up!

Here is Lights, with Up We Go.

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