I’m a Client!

I received my training and meal plan from my trainer last night, and I was excited to get on board. This is the first time I have hired a professional for help in my fitness goals. I have had a consultation and a couple one time free training sessions at my gym for being a longstanding member, but that is it. I am officially a client.

After reviewing the workouts, I found that I was familiar with all the exercises. As for the meal plan, I will have to get used to that. I am a pretty healthy eater, but I am not one to measure my quantities. I used to just watch my portions through the naked eye, but I think that my naked eye  at times many times made my portions too big, especially in the starch department. So it will be interesting to see the results by using this method. I am also not used to eating more meals than three, albeit with much smaller portions. Today was my first day eating this way and I am happy to report that I am full. I had no urge to snack at all today because I was so full from the meal plan. I also felt more energetic, and did not feel that end of the day slump.

Wish me luck as I turn down this new road on my fitness travels! Of course I will keep you posted with my setbacks and victories.



19 thoughts on “I’m a Client!

  1. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear you report on how it’s going. The change in the way you’re eating (smaller but more meals) might have a very big impact. I’ve seen it have great results…for me and for others too).

  2. Good luck! I’m always a lot more motivated when I follow a specific plan that I didn’t create myself! Ha. I’ve been measuring a lot of my food lately too and have been surprising how “not accurate” my eyeballing it has been in the past!

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