8 Weeks of Personal Training- How I’m Doing as a Client Update

Hello everyone! How was your Halloween? Hope it was filled with a lot of tricks and treats. Mine was great. I went to a party at a pub on Friday night mainly to see all the costumes. It was good fun and I was attacked by this bat-winged skeleton:

IMG_1900 (1)

I came as myself with three eyes. I “borrowed” this googly eye from the craft cupboard at work, and stuck it on my forehead. Next, I took black eye liner and made the outline with lashes around the eye. I think it came out pretty alright for a last-minute costume:


If you need googly eyes, paper towel rolls, pipe cleaners or cotton balls for your Halloween costume, just take a look in a kindergarten craft cupboard. On Saturday I just stayed at home. We watched a few spooky flicks, Candy man, Fright Night and Carrie. Cooked some steamed fish and then relaxed.  This is how I watch spooky flicks for the most part:


Then I will squeeze the poor soul’s arm beside me and ask, “Who was screaming?” “What did the ghost/ghoul/monster look like? “What was that squishy sound?” I love horror flicks, but I can’t sleep for days or be in the dark alone until I forget about the gore.  The first time I saw The Omen, I had to sleep with my sister for one month. Why do I torture myself so? (and the people who watch these movies with me.)

On a positive note, I did not gorge myself on candy. I was very controlled. I enjoyed a small treat. One sweet mini Almond Joy and one savoury, a small bag of Miss Vickie’s chips. Which leads me to my next subject. The personal training is going very well. It doesn’t hurt when your trainer looks as amazing as this:


(photo courtesy of Fitpeel.)

Obviously the lady knows her stuff. Camille just competed in a competition last night and placed third in her division. I am realizing more and more that motivation is secondary. Dedication and discipline is primary and what is necessary to get you to your goal. I am on to my next phase of training. I will speak with Camille tomorrow (after she’s all rested up from all that posing on stage) to recap the first eight weeks, what went well, and what did not and where we go from there. She will send me the new program on Friday.

I know what went well. My eating plan. I would say I got at least an A on my meal plan.  I prepped every Sunday, and was very disciplined to stick to the plan. I was always prepared and thinking of what to eat to fit the plan criteria. I think I did not crave empty calories because I was also full on the good stuff she recommended.


I did have a few glitches in the plan in the way of alcohol consumption (of which I will be very honest with Camille.) Glitch number one. I had family visiting from Belize and we had a wee party. I did not indulge in the cake or the deep-fried Chinese food. I ate before leaving and had my lean meats and veggies, leaving me very satisfied. At the party, as I chatted with family and laughed over good times, I had about three glasses of wine. I was only supposed to drink one. I have to get into the rhythm of drinking less during social gatherings. This has been my struggle since I started this blog, and continues to be the struggle. I think I will tell Andy I only will have one glass of wine before going out to social gatherings. He will have no trouble keeping me accountable. He will call me out like a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Why didn’t I think of this before? The Andyator is perfect at keeping it real. Glitch number two was Thanksgiving. Again, wine. Over quota.


I had two glasses of vino last night while hiding under blankets  watching my scary flick marathon, when I was supposed to be having water because I met my wine quota on Friday night. I do try to buy the wine with less sugar and calories such as Skinny Grape.  So yes, still with struggles. Very real struggles and setbacks.

Another thing that went extremely well was the exercise part. I just love getting to the gym, and seeing any improvements in body, mind and spirit. I love Yoga and weight training and moving in general and I am so thankful to God I am able to do so.


Goals for November:

-Book a mammogram

-Meditate more (I have been slacking in this a little) and morning affirmations, focusing on positivity, love and peace.

-Stick to the eating plan to get an A++ this time around.

That’s about it folks. Hope it was a good one and I will keep ya’ “posted.” Have a wonderful week and let November begin!

10 thoughts on “8 Weeks of Personal Training- How I’m Doing as a Client Update

  1. A++?? REALLY? I dunno girl, perfection is slightly boring – LOL! 😉

    And I totally could have used your eyeball suggestion yesterday! My friend and I had NO CLUE what to draw on our faces before heading to Disneyland! Lol

  2. Nice work. You are on top of things for sure. I’m trying to meditate a bit too. Found this great little app called meditation minis. Quick little 5 minute meditations. I try to do it a couple of time a week before I fall asleep. Good luck with November. 👍🏻

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