A Wealth of Wellness with Grokker

Through the Fit Approach community, I was given the chance to review the new health and fitness site called Grokker. I have tried many fitness apps, but never tried a whole site devoted to improving mind, body and spirit (hint, hint. Loved the meditation series).  I found that Grokker encompassed the complete package to improving and encouraging wellness on a whole.


The site includes a vast library of workouts such as HIIT, strength, endurance and cardio just to name a few, as well as Yoga and meditation from fitness experts. I think the variety of workout options has something for everyone, as exercise can be an individual and unique choice. This is what Grokker seems to understand and promote, our differences when it comes to becoming and staying active. The workouts range in time from one hour to the busy folks who only have ten minutes or less to spare in their day.


Once you sign up with Grokker, you can create your own profile and create an account to connect with other users to share videos you have watched or tried, as well as sharing and commenting about the videos with the Grokker community. Once you have your profile, you have the option of scheduling workouts with reminders to keep you on the right track.


Another positive feature about this site is the link devoted to cooking. This is a wonderful feature for those just starting out because often what and how to eat can be a confusing matter to improving health. Grokker gives you a head start with their detailed cooking tips, short “how to” videos and a ton of recipes options, from gluten-free to vegetarian options to healthy dinners to bring to the table from culinary experts around the world. I have yet to try any of the recipes, however, I did watch many of the videos. The sweet potato chilli and quinoa pancakes are on my recipe agenda for next week. I enjoyed seeing that healthy eating definitely does not have to be tasteless and boring, but quite to the contrary!


I tried out a few of the fitness videos, from core strengthening to full body HIIT, but I loved the meditation series and this Yoga video. In addition to my weekly practice, I will do this video on the weekends to decompress and set my mind for challenges in the upcoming week. Instructor Matece Skow leads the practice in a gentle and effective way. I feel so refreshed and ready to start my day afterwards. I look forward to trying more videos in Matece’s series.


Now for the good news! Grokker is giving away one of my lucky readers three months of free premium membership to try out their site and features.

To enter the giveaway:

Discount code:

  • 99CENTS for 99 cents for first month of premium membership on Grokker

With Grokker, health is wealth.

6 thoughts on “A Wealth of Wellness with Grokker

  1. Great review Char! I have heard of this, but I didnt know it was that extensive! I love the idea of recipes included as well as lots of workouts! I will have to check it out!

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