Oh Baby What a Workout!

This weekend was all about celebrating a new life, celebrating a future life (very near future) and a killer treadmill workout. On Saturday I woke up feeling alert and energized, very unlike my usual state of Quasimodo with a dull headache. Perhaps it was because I passed on my Friday night glass(es) of wine and late night of TV watching. I did try to watch Sex in the City the movie, but was nodding off right around when Samantha was criticizing Miranda’s “growing forest” coming from her high cut bathing suit. Taking advantage of this early morning burst, I hit the treadmill in the condo gym. Keeping a good pace and running just over eleven laps, with incline hills and sprints. This was followed by a two minute plank (I love typing that) and some deep stretching. Anyone who knows me, knows that the plank was my greatest fear. It was more like walking the plank. Am I the only one laughing again? Ok. Anyway, the run felt good and I was drenched in sweat. Love that feeling!

In the evening, I joined some friends to celebrate our friend Roxanne’s baby shower. We ladies go way back and attended high school together. We are very fortunate to have reconnected, and try to get together as often as we can to catch up. Of course, there are usually a lot of laughs involved. The Mommies at the table, Nadine and Dianne scared the living daylights tried to prepare Roxanne for labour and motherhood. Basically they advised her that she can kiss sleeping in, or sleeping at all, and steamy nights of passion with her man goodbye. We dined at Around the World Bistro and Cafe, a quaint little spot that serves no alcohol. The Around World Cafe is a Christian establishment so only juices, smoothies and soft drinks are served and I was actually ok with that. I had a juicy, tender sirloin, but didn’t miss the red wine to wash it down with. Really, I didn’t. (ok, maybe just a little.)

Sexy mama to be, Roxanne.
Sexy mama- to- be, Roxanne.
Clockwise starting left, Roxanne, Dianne, Me, Patrice and Nadine.
Clockwise starting left, Roxanne, Dianne, Me, Patrice and Nadine.

I told Roxanne that I’m not pregnant, but the card we got her could also apply to me at times.


On Sunday, I was very pleased to attend Nadine’s new baby Samuel’s baptismal service and reception afterwards. Little Samuel is so darn cute that even the pastor said, “I like this guy’s cheeks” .  I agree. Cherubic faces like Samuel’s belong in a diaper commercial. You’ll see what I mean.  Scroll on down…

Look at that face! Could he be any cuter? Nadine, daddy Warren and baby Samuel
Look at that face! Could he be any cuter? Nadine, daddy Warren and baby Samuel


After I came home, I was planning to workout, but wasn’t really feeling it. I was happy to indulge in the slice of Samuel’s delicious cake that I brought home from the reception and relax on my sofa instead. I did plan my workout schedule for the up coming week, as I thought that chubby cheeks, ring-around-the-thighs and cankles are only cute on babies.

Monday- Jogging with after work group.

Tuesday- upper body strength training

Wednesday- Jogging with work group and Yoga with Tenille

Thursday- Insanity

Friday- upper body strength training

Saturday- leg day

Sunday- rest

Have a wonderful week.

12 thoughts on “Oh Baby What a Workout!

  1. That cake looks yummy! I have to get the SATC box set. On my list. Thanks for sharing such intimate moments with us. Congrats to Roxanne! Samuel looks he’s ready for the joys of life.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I really have surprised myself, but oneday the stopwatch just kept going and I didn’t drop flat on my stomach (like always.) it’s tough, but I’m sure you’ll be there soon.

  2. YEah on the planks. Ironically, my boys were watching American Ninja Warriors and asked me how they could get stronger. So we did planks together!

  3. That looks like such a fun get-together with your friends. Your friend is such a beautiful pregnant lady! Also, that sweet little baby is just about as cute as he can be. Oh my goodness! His cake looked heavenly too!!

    I love your workout schedule too. 😉

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