Weekend Weakness

It’s Friday. I have had one busy week. Work was hectic. The work week has come to a close. Boy, could I use a glass of wine, maybe two glasses and some take out for dinner. This is my typical scenario on Fridays, as I segue into weekend bliss. A time to relax, unwind and self sabotage? After reading a fitness post about how we tend to self sabotage our fitness goals by making the wrong food choices, I really began to think about how I tend to sabotage my clean eating plan, but primarily on the weekend. During the week, I’m pretty disciplined, some even say I’m strict,  but those three days are a constant challenge for me to stick to the plan. It all begins on Friday. Friday’s at work, it’s treat day where one or two staff members prepare and bring in delicious snacks for co-workers to enjoy. When options are a fruit and veggie tray or homemade brownies, the conflicted devils suddenly appear on both of my shoulders. One devil saying, “fresh melon. It’s good for you, and won’t get you off track.” The other devil unfortunately is saying, “have a brownie. You know you want it. It won’t kill you.” Many times the second devil wins. I like to think of my devils as a tiger and a Trex on my shoulders.  As many would agree, typically people tend to have life celebrations on the weekend, so cheating is more likely to happen. It’s not often you are going to a party or wedding shower on a Tuesday night.

My typical weekend weaknesses are:

Wine and Housewives:

The Housewives made me do it!
The Housewives made me do it!

It is often someone’s birthday/ anniversary/wedding/ baby shower where some type of decadent cake is present. This was at my bro’s 50th.

Let them eat cake!
Let them eat cake!


Something greasy with all the fixings, because we tend to cook less on the weekends:



So if you, like me, are a weekend sabotager, here are a few tips to stick to the fitness plan

1. If you’re going to indulge, EXERCISE. Do not skip the gym, just because it’s Saturday or Sunday. I have come to discover that Friday after work it’s the best time to workout. Even though I’m tired, the gym is usually empty and machines are free. Last Saturday night I went to a friend’s 40th birthday. I knew there would be cake, wings and wine involved, so I high-tailed it to the gym and fit in my workout. I worked hard and then played hard.

2. Cook your meals and avoid take-out. Buy your groceries on Friday evening or Saturday morning and plan a menu so you will be less likely to go through that drive thru window. Buy some fresh fish, chicken breasts or lean beef and some greens. Make a great meal that you can enjoy and keep on plan.

3. Try to stay on schedule with your bedtime and avoid late nights. I find if I go to bed at odd hours, I sleep in. When I sleep in, I miss my workouts and my timing is all thrown off.

4. If you cheat on one day during the weekend, make sure you are right back on plan the next day. One Friday, I caved (Trex devil won) and I had fish and chips. But Saturday and Sunday, I was right back on my clean eating plan of lean meats, brown rice, salads and plenty of fresh, filtered water.

5. Enjoy life. Go to a restaurant, visit family and friends, but try to always have your goals and that little tigress on the shoulder close by.


Here I am. Raising my glass on the weekend. Granted, it was Thanksgiving on this day.
Here I am. Raising my glass on the weekend. Granted, it was Thanksgiving on this day.


Happy Friday! I’m off to buy quinoa, turkey breast and fresh produce. There are no celebrations this weekend, so I should be good.

Does anyone else find weekend’s a challenge when trying to stick to your goals?



2 thoughts on “Weekend Weakness

  1. Ugh, this is so me! I eat really well throughout the week and then totally sabotage myself and I’m feeling super guilty by Sunday night. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m usually with my boyfriend (who I don’t see during the week) and we have TOTALLY different eating habits. These tips are totally helpful – gotta keep them in my arsenal!

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