Have I been a Good Client so Far?

Instead of the usual motivational Monday post, I wanted to recap on how things are going since I hired a personal trainer. Well, it’s been one week and a day since my training and food plan by Fitpeel has been implemented. The program is not without its challenges, but over all I have been doing very well.

Camille (trainer) has been great to check in on me, and welcomes questions or concerns. She is very available which is an important factor, especially when starting out. The workouts have been going exceptionally well. I am only doing strength training right now, which I love because I love weight lifting. The challenge is the diet. It’s not that I have had temptations and become weak at the sight of cupcakes and start salivating like a wild beast (that happened last year), it’s more the prepping. It takes my whole Sunday afternoon to ensure I have enough protein, carbs, fats, vegetables cut up for the week, etc. I am not used to measuring my portions as I have mentioned before so it is taking some getting used to. I also have to ensure I stick to my shopping list to a T, with the right choices to ensure I am following the meal plan properly. I have already noticed a difference from eating more times per day, with smaller portions in the correct way. I find I am never hungry and have more energy, less temptation and never want more than my permitted two snacks. It is time consuming, but I really want to make this a success. Nothing worth having comes easy I find. You have to pay your due diligence for sure.

How I spent my Sunday. In the kitchen food prepping for the week ahead. The kitchen is not my favourite place. Insert stiff, fake smile:

image image

I think this was the best decision in my fitness journey that I have made. For one, I want to succeed and be proud of myself. I also want to make my trainer proud. Another important factor is, I’m paying for this. I don’t want to waste my time, energy and money by not being 100% committed. Fitpeel has given me the right tools to get started, but I have to make it happen by eating right and getting to the gym.

It is also essential (and very nice) to have a solid support system. Andy usually cooks our dinners, and they are very healthy. I told him I have to lay off the white rice. The other day when I came home from the gym he said, “I know you can’t have white pasta, so I  made that quinwee stuff to go with the salmon and broccoli.”  Yes, he meant quinoa. Quinwee aside, he is very helpful and I so appreciate his support.


So,  I am happy, full and feeling very good. I will keep ya’ posted!


14 thoughts on “Have I been a Good Client so Far?

  1. You are a trainers dream client. You have the focus and determination to achieve a goal and you are physically working out and eating properly! You are on the right track! Great work!

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