Starting to Thrive with the Five by Five!

Hello and happy pre-May. The Five by Five is my jive. Also I was just looking for another word that rhymes with five. But seriously, it keeps me alive. (oops, now I can’t stop.) Moving right along, the program is going great! I have been doing the 5 by 5 for about a month or more now, and I have progressed in strength in all the upper body compound movements.

Starting Point in bench press: 20 lbs with the Olympic bar
Progress up to date: 27 lbs with Olympic bar

Starting point in over head presses with bar bell: 40 lbs
Progress up to date: 45 lbs

Starting point in bar bell back rows: 40 lbs
Progress up to date: 50 lbs

Starting point in pull-ups: Dead hangs for 10 seconds
Progress up to date: Dead hangs for 20 seconds
What the heck is a dead hang? See here.

Just hangin’:

IMG_2685IMG_2687Other noted progression: On leg days, I will fit in a few push-ups to see if I am indeed getting stronger from the program. My push-up starting point was 20. Progress up to date is 22-25 repetitions. We are still doing the pull-up challenge at my sister’s home gym. I have increased one inch in pulling myself up to the bar. Slow and steady, but I feel I am getting there finally.

And in other breaking progress news….the best is yet to come…….

I DID ONE UNASSISTED CHIN-UP!! Deserving of bold caps because this exercise was also extremely difficult and felt impossible to achieve, however, I did it. This could only mean I am getting closer to achieving one unassisted pull-up!.

My favourite compound move is the over head bar bell press up. You know how T-Rex loves to see any development in shoulders:

IMG_2684IMG_2675And up, up we go:

IMG_2681Please excuse the stiff smile, but I was trying to look happy.

Five by five and I will survive. I only want to strive. I promised I would stop rhyming didn’t I? Okay, I will only stop if I stop writing so I’m gonna go now and spare you nice people.

15 thoughts on “Starting to Thrive with the Five by Five!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! It’s those dead hangs which helped! Building tensile strength is just as important as ‘normal’ strength! I always hang or rather hold the top of my last chin up or not quite reaching the bar 2nd rep of pull ups! I also add if I’m feeling it some knee raises while I’m up there! Anyways, you go girl!

      1. Awe, thank us my dear! Professional feed back! The first time I’ve heard that! My chest’s just stuck out a bit more! I’m always learning and the more you learn, the less you know! Anyways, you keep it up my dear!

  2. Congrats on your chin up!!!! Wahoo! I love how you are recording your progress and continually striving for the pull up! You are so inspiring to me. I need to get started on my pull up progress too!

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