Two Weeks and a Bit and My Gym Pet Peeve

I would like to start this post on a negative note. My gym pet peeve. Pure ranting. In previous blogs I have pointed out the gym grievances of others, now I would like to share mine. It went a little something like this:

30-something lady in blue Lululemon tights: I really need to stop working out with weights. I’m beginning to look like a man. My daughter said I have bigger muscles than her dad.

30-something lady’s companion: (giggling) I know. I hate that. That’s why I don’t do muscle mix anymore.

Me: Arrrrgh! (pretending I was grunting on my last rep of chin ups, but I was really arrghing  at this conversation.)

Why you ask? Well, take a poor little T-Rex lady like me. Lady in blue tights was lifting a 3 pound pink weight! I have seen her on the floor many times before. She only lifts very light dumbbells. As for Muscle Mix, I have participated in this class before.  All that is utilized in this class are pink and yellow little weights, 5 pounds and under and resistance bands. These two women lift a mere fraction to what I lift and their muscles are showing. They don’t go near the chin up machine or the Olympic bench and bar that I frequently visit. So my dear readers, I have come to this conclusion. I have to lift harder, eat cleaner and sweat more, because genetics can be a b@^*%h! (I don’t curse on my blog. Family reads it.)

Now, I feel better. Ranting is over. Happy place. Time to focus on the positive. It has been a little over two weeks since I made some necessary adjustments to my workout regime and dare I say I have seen some changes already? The tweaking is composed of less cardio and more weight training. Protein intake is on the up in the form of:

      • A handful of almonds per day
      • Greek yogurt at least three times per week
      • Grilled fish, chicken, turkey breast or sautéed shrimp daily
      • Spinach daily
      • Low fat cheese at least three times per week. I also mix low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit.

I am also looking for a type of protein powder to mix in smoothies or shakes. Any suggestions would be much appreciated from you pros.(you know who you are.)  Yes, we’re getting mucho serious here. I did make a trip to GNC, but the clean-cut blonde boy with the bulging biceps and sparkling white teeth only confused me. I did my, “I got ya,” head nodding at all his jargon about amino acids, lactic acid, enzymes and whey, but on the inside I was clueless, dazed and confused. OK kid, I know you are most likely an exercise science major, I however am not. I just want a simple take a scoop every morning in OJ and be only your merry way type of supplement. No fuss or worry. Easy peasey. Hope that’s not asking too much.

Here are some arm progress photos I took of myself. Notice not the deer caught in the headlight eyes, but rather at the slight contour of a developing bicep and shoulder contour. (hope I’m not the only one seeing this through my terrified deer eyes.)


The next photo shows a little less of the contours, but I thought my eyes looked less like the deer caught in the headlights. My eyes seem to look like that in many photos. Can you tell how much I just love being in photos?


Time to meal prep and cut up my vegetables for snacks. I betcha’ Lululemon lady is snacking on chocolate and ice-cream. Arrrrrgh! Happy place. Are you still there? Time to come back. Anytime now…..

13 thoughts on “Two Weeks and a Bit and My Gym Pet Peeve

  1. OMG I arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! right along with you.

    It’s probably fat she’s looking at, and certainly not muscle built from anything she’s doing with stupid little barbie weights! Her handbag probably weighs more, and certainly the shopping she hauls in each week!

    *sigh* Ye canna fixe the stupids 😦

      1. Oh yeah, shopping is hard work! And gotta look the part when you’re lifting those massive 3 pounders!

        *sigh* If I were there I’d hit those women with a bit whacky stick across their overly chubby Lulu-covered rear ends. Of course, I’d probably get arrested, but it’d be *totally* worth it! 😉

  2. Screw Lulumon lady, were her guns really that good? I’m doubtful.

    As for your protein question, if you just want it for a shake in the morning I’d say any simple whey protein concentrate would be perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about any of the super expensive “fast acting” ones you’ll see (such as isolates, hydrolysates, and other fancy terms.) If you have any questions on anything you see feel free to ask.

    Guns are coming together nicely!

    1. So it’s not just my deer caught in headlight eyes! Phew. I was worried. Yay! The guns are growing. I will take photos of whey protein and post for advice. I want to ensure I invest in a good product, as they are pricey. Blonde boy mentioned isolates, etc too I think. He lost me by then. Lol. Thanks for encouragement as always. 🙂

  3. Nice definition. I see progress! Yes, your light lifter probably is a little padded, which is how I used to be when I lifted weights and ate crappy. Keep at it, my friend. Patience and consistency, protein and repeat.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m really feeling like I see progression. I can see contours and bulges that definitely were not there before. Yes, patience and consistency. Two key components of this whole amazing process.

  4. I freaking hate those women. Sometimes I imagine throwing a barbell at them. It’s even worse when they are NEW CLIENTS and you have to go through the whole talk with them about how lifting weights is actually good.

    I wish sometimes I could just pre-record the talk (since I know all the common complaints) and just put it on replay for them the next three weeks until they either leave or stop complaining. Am I mean? Maybe a bit…

    My favorite protein powders are either Biotrust or Gold Standard Whey. I think they both taste really good…not too chemically.

    Keep up the hard work! You look great and the hard work will continue to pay off!

    1. Thanks very much. So you feel my pain. Lol. Some women are truly terrified of weights and never progress beyond the five pound weights or as you commented they just leave. I just don’t get it. You are not mean, you’re honest. Thanks for protein suggestions. I will have to check them out.

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