I am making some cutbacks. Not in my budget, although that would not be a bad idea, but in my cardio routine. I stepped on the scale today, and got a surprise. I lost ten pounds. I am now 122 lbs. I noticed my clothes, especially pants, becoming slacker and slacker, but never suspected that I lost 10 pounds. Last week, Andy told me not to lose anymore weight. I took this as a subtle hint. I rarely ever step on the scale, but it seemed to be calling my name as I walked pass it in the gym locker room. The way I monitor my weight is how my clothes fit. I get my exact weight when I have my yearly physical. Initially, I was excited about this and was delighted at the thought of my shrinking saddle bags. My thighs do look slimmer, and legs leaner, more defined and less stumpy, but here lies the problem. Not to complain and I am pleased my lower body is reducing, but I do not want to lose mass in my upper body. Although I am lifting heavy, I still have the little Trex arms. I asked a trainer at the gym about my dilemma, and she suggested that I cut back on my cardio/interval training and focus more on weight training.

My cardio routine was intense. I really honed in on “operation goodbye saddle bags”, and incorporated, Tabata, Spin, Zumba AND interval sprint/hills into my routine. These are all intense, calorie burning cardio activities. When I first started this journey, my goal was to transform my body into more balanced proportions, not to lose a lot of weight. Hence the reason I will omit at least two cardio activities per week. I love them all, so I will simply rotate my cardio activities. For example, week A, Tabata, jogging, week B, Zumba and spin. This way, I still can participate in all activities, but not all in one week. Not to mention, I also downloaded HIIT and Everyday Endurance on my tablet. I will omit these two Apps all together for now. Keeping all this in mind, I cut back considerably on sugar, starches, wine and sodium. Being a healthy weight is my goal, not being under weight. If I continue at this rate I will have to change this blog title to, “Trex to String bean.”


Last year at this time, I could not get these jeans over my thighs. Now I need a belt.
Last year at this time, I could not get these jeans over my thighs. Now I need a belt.


Goodbye Everyday Endurance. It's not you, its' me...
Goodbye Everyday Endurance. It’s not you, its’ me…

Any thoughts? Have you cut out or cut back on an aspect of your workout program?

8 thoughts on “Cutbacks

  1. First congrats on your amazing progress! Secondly the trainer is right, focus on weights. Also make sure you are fueling your body with not only the right foods but enough of them. That’s the way to build muscle in addition to the strength training. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    1. Thanks very much, Colin. When I think back to just how heavy I was, I am amazed at my progress. I am also going to take a good look at my diet, and make sure I am not lacking nutrients and enough nutrients. Diet is a huge part of muscle building. Will be sure to keep posting results.

      1. That it is, diet is what stalled my muscle gains for years! Glad you are amazed by your progress too, because the rest of us sure are!

  2. WOW, this is wonderful and troublesome, and I TOTALLY get it. I had the same issue and always will to some extent. Anytime I try to get more definition in my lower half, then I shrink up top. This is NOT OK with me, and I’d rather be thick-ish on the lower half to avoid scrawniness above. So I do only about 20 min HIIT cardio 2-3 times per week to save my mass. Any more than that eats my muscle and steady-state makes it even worse. This took me a while to figure out, so kudos to you for being a quick study! Great that you’re lifting heavy, so keep that up! I am also glad you mentioned focusing on your diet as well – really key. I personally thrive on more fats and less carbs to save muscle ( and of course 6-7 servings of protein per day). You’ll have to experiment, but you seem really in tune with your body so I’m sure you’ll get it figured out soon. Anyway, just my 2 cents, and congrats on your startling discovery!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. It is frustrating to have these proportions. This will really help me along the way, especially your advise about diet. Yes, 2-3 times max will be my cardio for the week. By looking at your photos, it’s hard to fathom that you had similar issues. You are a true tigress! Boy do I wish you worked out at my gym. But you might get frustrated at all my questions if that was the case. 🙂

      1. I do too – it’s not frustrating at all, and in fact it’s having strong women like you in my life that keeps me going. There are very few in my immediate circle who are remotely interested in what I’m doing, so providing whatever info I can is inspiring and incredibly flattering. I’m just so happy that you’re seeing progress…keep us posted on what you find out!

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