Inspiration From Across the Miles

I started following Laura Winfree’s blog because she just happens to live in the Mexican Caribbean. Cancun, to be exact. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the tropical lifestyle, and this young lady is certainly living a tropical dream. From lunches under straw palapas, aqua waters and sun-kissed beaches on her weekend getaways, I feel lucky to be able to at least experience apart of this between shoveling snow and chattering teeth.

Not only do I take note of all the fun in the sun she is having, I noticed from reading her older posts to reading her current posts, Laura has lost a lot of weight and she looks fabulous. I have literally seen her become slimmer and fitter, as she shares her adventures with her readers. How did she do it? Laura and her friend are up to experience a beautiful Mexican sunrise each morning, jogging while taking in their gorgeous surroundings. That’s one way to motivate you! One candid post I recall was regarding her struggles in gym class as a child during those silly “fitness assessments” that most of us had to endure. This particular post truly resonated with me, as I thought of my own horrid days of “Canada Fitness” when you were made to feel a tad isolated if you couldn’t do 50 crunches in one minute or whatever the criteria was. These assessments do not do any good for a kid’s self-esteem, trust me, I know. So when she recently blogged about this negative memory, it truly was a story of victory, as Laura recently completed her first 5K and is hoping to train for a triathlon one day. She’s got the fitness bug and I can tell from her posts that there is no holding her back.

Including strength training as well as jogging, Laura also sought the aid of a professional dietician to assist her to make the necessary changes to not only lose, but maintain a healthy weight. Cancun is a great place to incorporate fitness into your life. The weather is usually sunny and there are great walking, biking and running trails throughout this pedestrian friendly city, whether you run along the breath-taking beaches or a lush nature trail.

Laura’s Top Three Tips to Lose Weight and Reach Your Fitness Goals:

1. Utilize the buddy system and exercise with a friend who can motivate you and hold you accountable if you fall off the fitness track.
2. Do both cardio training and strength training to tone muscles.
3. Seek assistance from a dietician if you are able. These professionals are the best resources to educate you on how you should be eating and proper portion sizes.

For some of us it’s winter time. So if you want to live vicariously through Laura and can’t hop on a plane to a sun-soaked destination right now, I suggest that you give her delightful blog a visit at

Thanks Laura. When I first started reading your blog, I was just expecting to read about yummy tacos, a vibrant nightlife and white sand. Little did I know it would be such an inspirational fitness story too.

Laura before
Laura before
Laura after
Laura after



12 thoughts on “Inspiration From Across the Miles

  1. I agree. Laura looks great! I find I’m slowly sinking into winter couchpotatohood with this bleak winter weather but I’m inspired by Laura’s story and fitness tips. Now, I just need to imagine the cold sidewalk is a white, sandy beach! I’m actually hoping for snow so that I can participate in some fun winter sports – tobaggoning, skating and so on. I can imagine snow as white sand more easily πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, she does look great. We can pretend the snow is white sand, except it will be cold white sand. But truly, we should embrace winter and try to enjoy these cold weather activities.

  2. I love Laura’s blog too and she really has done so well, she looks incredible! And not just that but having such a positive and healthy lifestyle, keeping fit, really helps you feel happier inside and enjoy the beautiful life she lives! x

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