Rebuild and Restore- Getting Back into Shape

I was watching the Dufour-Lapointe family in an interview after sisters Chloe and Justine won the gold and silver medals in women’s moguls skiing. Can you imagine? Two medals in one family for the same event. Their parents must be gushing with pride, but sat quietly and humbly behind their beautiful daughters. When asked about … More Rebuild and Restore- Getting Back into Shape


I am making some cutbacks. Not in my budget, although that would not be a bad idea, but in my cardio routine. I stepped on the scale today, and got a surprise. I lost ten pounds. I am now 122 lbs. I noticed my clothes, especially pants, becoming slacker and slacker, but never suspected that … More Cutbacks

The 5 x 5 Program

It had been quite some time since I had seen my nephew Joshua. I saw him at a relative’s birthday party, and there was something different about him. That something was a considerable amount of mass and muscle growth. Naturally I wanted to know how he made this transformation. Joshua was never one of those … More The 5 x 5 Program

Don’t Over-train!

I was fortunate enough to earn a free personal training session at my gym last week. This was a treat for me, because it’s not in el budget to fit in personal training right now. My session was with the lovely Jana who showed me effective exercises to strengthen my back, arms and shoulders. What … More Don’t Over-train!