Get Hourglassed!

I love Instagram for all the fitness accounts that inspire. I began to follow the account @livewithanita and became curious about the workouts posted on Anita’s account. A former figure/bikini competitor, Anita instructs an exercise program called The Hourglass Workout. The participants of this workout looked like they were having a lot of fun from … More Get Hourglassed!

Beauty and the Barbells

I connected with bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes via Facebook. Angela and I go way back from our teen years through a mutual friend. She always enjoyed staying active teaching Belly Dance. A while back, Angela pursued her certification in personal training and began weight training. As she prepares to enter a bikini competition in March, … More Beauty and the Barbells

Insanity Workout

With the new fitness craze sweeping the nation, I was excited when the Insanity workout came to my gym. I tried it for the very first time yesterday. So what is the Insanity workout all about? Created by Shaun.T., in a nutshell, it is high intensity interval training where you perform long bursts of maximum … More Insanity Workout