A Beautiful Sight

I had two beautiful sightings this week. One was my very first monarch butterfly sighting this summer on my evening walk. I love taking a walk after dinner some nights, while the evenings are still balmy and refreshing. I passed a bed of vibrant flowers, when a monarch gracefully floated and perched itself right on … More A Beautiful Sight

No Gimmicks

This month’s story of inspiration comes from my sister Camille, and a little bit from me. My sister, Camille, is trying to lose weight. She is about 5 feet, 3 inches, and would be considered petite in frame. Over the years her weight has been on a bit of a yo-yo pattern. She had lost … More No Gimmicks

One Step Forward

I wrote about my condo gym facility being a place where an important lesson can be learned. My building has many senior citizens, some with debilitating illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as other people who are recovering from knee surgery or a stroke. What I realized from using this gym is that these … More One Step Forward

Beauty and the Barbells

I connected with bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes via Facebook. Angela and I go way back from our teen years through a mutual friend. She always enjoyed staying active teaching Belly Dance. A while back, Angela pursued her certification in personal training and began weight training. As she prepares to enter a bikini competition in March, … More Beauty and the Barbells

I’m so Excited!

Trex to Tigress is starting out 2015 with a major roar! No, I have not yet done my first unassisted pull-up, but this news is just as exciting. I was able to chronicle a part of the journey of figure/bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes today as she preps for her first competition in March.  I interview … More I’m so Excited!