Andy’s Fish Tacos

As the weather warms up, and we are no longer suffering through experiencing sub-zero temperatures, my palate starts to crave my favorite summer recipes. Andy’s fish tacos happens to be one of them. They are a light, tasty warm weather fare that is getting me geared up for summertime. Here is another recipe from the … More Andy’s Fish Tacos

A Sprinkle of Health

I have seen Hemp Hearts for a while now at my local health food and grocery stores and was always curious about them and what they are exactly. So I was excited to be offered the opportunity to sample Hemp Hearts and review them through the Sweat Pink community and Manitoba Harvest. Before trying out … More A Sprinkle of Health

Beauty and the Barbells- Part 2. The Figure Competitor Eating Plan

In my last post, I took a visit to the gym with figure competitor Angela McKie-Burrows. She gave me the inside scoop on some of her favourite exercises from her vigorous program. Now, I want to the scoop on what she’s eating to grow those muscles and fuel her workouts. She believes that what you … More Beauty and the Barbells- Part 2. The Figure Competitor Eating Plan

Flavourful Food

Since making adjustments towards eating healthier, I have reduced a lot of salt in my cooking and have turned to other ingredients to add flavour to my food. Those pre-packaged seasonings for meat dishes are often very high in sodium, so I always try my best to use fresh culinary herbs and root vegetables. What … More Flavourful Food