UnBELIZEable Times

It has been a bit of a whirlwind over the past few weeks. The end of the school year is always busy. After my last day at work, I hopped on a plane (well two planes) to Belize. A beautiful little gem of a country between Mexico and Guatemala. The birthplace of my parents, we … More UnBELIZEable Times

Budget Beauty Basket

Hello there and hello June. My favourite month because of the summer solstice. All kinds of fun and quirky events happening in the city on the longest day of the year. I wanted to share some budget beauty finds that are on my list to help you look your dewy best this season without breaking … More Budget Beauty Basket

The Naked Truth

I have a funny story to share. Well, it was funny to me. My story is all about nudity and our comfort levels. Sharing a gym locker room with women, you see all degrees of comfort. Some ladies feel free to walk around in their under garments, wrapped in a small towel coming from the … More The Naked Truth

Nothing to Wear

Last week someone asked me what I thought of the scantily-clad women on Instagram exposing their bodies in the name of fitness. I love IG and all the amazing accounts I follow, fitness and otherwise. I am a visual person and appreciate the efforts people put into sharing their photos. I have connected with some … More Nothing to Wear

Of All the Cables in the Gym, She Walks into Mine

I often compare the gym to my work environment. The kindergarten classroom. Just think of it. You can’t use things in excess  and must give others a turn (sharing). You have to put the toys back on the shelf when you are finished playing (tidying up.) Just like the gym. Hogging equipment is often frowned … More Of All the Cables in the Gym, She Walks into Mine

Just a Thot…….

So Andy Cohen, as if I didn’t have enough rich ladies with six inch Louie Vuitton’s and a lot of time on their hands to watch on Bravo TV, you go and introduce me to The Real Housewives of Potomac. I am still undecided if I like these ladies or not. I haven’t given it … More Just a Thot…….