December Goals

I am just sitting around waiting for the snow. I got that Christmas kinda vibe, but it’s been raining lately. I need a little snowfall to make that feeling complete. In my ideal world snow would come in early December, stick around for New Year’s Day and then it would be gone after that until … More December Goals

Priceless Gifts

I know my last post was about gift ideas, but there are many essential gifts that are priceless and far more valuable than things. Perhaps you have a loved one who is going through a difficult time or transition in their life. Job loss, illness, strained family relations, depression, the state of world in some … More Priceless Gifts


On Tuesday morning I switched on the local news headlines to check the weather before leaving for the day. Is a winter coat or light jacket kind of day? The moving captions under the daily forecast icons went by quickly. I caught the tail-end of a passing caption as I looked up from zipping up … More #Winning?

Dear Ellie

Thanks to the Fall back time change, I am getting up about half an hour earlier before my alarm sounds. This leaves me with a little extra time to peruse the morning paper at work with a coffee, since I am getting there earlier now before I begin my shift. I love reading the advice … More Dear Ellie

8 Weeks of Personal Training- How I’m Doing as a Client Update

Hello everyone! How was your Halloween? Hope it was filled with a lot of tricks and treats. Mine was great. I went to a party at a pub on Friday night mainly to see all the costumes. It was good fun and I was attacked by this bat-winged skeleton: I came as myself with three … More 8 Weeks of Personal Training- How I’m Doing as a Client Update