Got the Monday Blues?

Today is Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year.


File:Sad Lucy.jpg


You might already feel blah because it is Monday but to top it off,  you’re probably feeling a little more down in the dumps because 1. the weather is dark, cold or gloomy. 2. You just got your credit card statement after going overboard on holiday spending and now realize you may be broke for the next three months and…. 3. You’ve said, to hell with it and this stupid diet. Pass me that piece of chocolate cake.

I am feeling the affects of the winter weather now, but I am trying my best to remain optimistic and to simply embrace the season for what it is and all if has to offer. I also want to offer a few tips to help you survive Blue Monday in no particular order.

1. Move your body! Create those happy endorphins. Dust off the treadmill in the basement and use the thing for what it was made for. I took a nice walk in the park after the gym. I delighted in the way my boots crunched under the freshly fallen snow. I took in the beauty of the snow blanketing the tree branches just like a Christmas card. I’m alive and I can experience this all. You will be surprised at how great a little movement can help you feel.

2. Sign up for a new winter hobby.  Snow-shoeing. Skiing classes or polishing off those skates. Try something fun this winter instead of just sitting on the couch watching Nexflix.


If you like the cabin-fever kind of life, then by all means do it! Now is the time to be ensconced in luxurious layers,  Pj’s on with hot chocolate in hand.  If tele is not your thing, pick up the good book you have always wanted to read,

3. Plan a fun trip.  Why not look forward to a beach getaway? If your budget is committed to paying off those Christmas bills, then why not look into a local getaway? A drive to the country overnight in a B and B or a spa day is glorious this time of year. Go on. You deserve it!

4. Volunteer your time.  The best thing to get over your blues is to help others. Contact your local church or shelter to see how you can assist an organization. Meals on Wheels delivering a hot meal to immobile seniors, or the handicap and visiting for a little while to put a smile on their faces will surely make your heart want to burst. I can attest to that.

These are just a few suggestions to get through the winter months ahead. I hope this has made your Blue Monday a little less blue. Speaking of trying a new hobby, have you heard of this? Winter Yoga? I just saw this on the evening news and apparently it’s a thing. There is a practice that does their flow on a frozen pond. I mean, I love my flow and all but I am not sure I could do it with chattering teeth and all bulky in layers of clothing.

What about you? Could you try winter yoga? Did you feel blue on this Monday?



13 thoughts on “Got the Monday Blues?

  1. Nice list. Definitely working to pay off credit card. My Monday was too busy. I actually felt the best I have since I got a sick bug I’m still trying to get rid of. The peppermint mocha ☕ contributed since I cut back because I was drinking remedies days prior. Traffic was light though so the Monday blues must have hit everyone. It was also MLK day so no work for some. Anyway, you always find a way. Happy New Year, T

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, Vonnie. Recovering from a bug is reason to get over any blues. I heard some uplifting speeches on the radio for MLK day which I found helped with my winter blues.
      Happy, blessed New Year!

  2. Aw, Monday blues!! I get those sometimes believe it or not 🙂 My way to cure it is to run, well outside don’t know if y’all can do that up there right now in Canada!! Other than that, grooving to some good music while working the day away always puts pep in my step. And I love smell good things, I keep essential oils everywhere. My 2 faves are lemongrass and lavender.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to look into oils this winter. I see the Running Room group running near my street, but I don’t know how they do it on icy patches and slippery snow.
      I would never have thought you get the Monday Blues sometimes.

  3. Don’t remember the last time I had the blues or Monday blues. I take vitamin D all year round if in Canada. Good music and watch a good Netflix show. I’m currently hooked on Crown. Knit and Crochet more than what is normal for any one person 🤪. Walk even if it’s mall walking. My grand d is a big part of my good positive vibes daily.

  4. No frozen pond yoga for me! I believe in colour therapy. Wear colours that make you happy even if it’s a summer colour in winter. Agree to all you beat the Monday Blues!

    Know all about the not spending for 3 months. Black Friday. However none were impulse buys. They were purchases I’d been waiting for to be discounted!

      1. Try adding a little colour everyday. I went for all out change when I started wearing white jumpers. Immediately I felt so much lighter! Hope your op went okay and Andy’s looking after you. Besito 🙂

      2. Thanks, he’s been a very good nurse to me.
        It’s great all those taboos about white after Labour Day are gone here. I am seeing a lot more folks in white this winter and it is very uplifting.

      3. I think the labour day taboo was a joke thing that took off or rather trend off upper vs working class that went too far (Google has the right answer!). I was always why no white? Labour Day’s 1st May not in September or whenever so no white all summer? Then I found out it was USA labour day. Duh. Anyways, more people embracing colour during the winter’s a great thing! Have a great weekend 🙂

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