A Change in Direction

Hello beautiful strangers! I have to call you strangers because it has been too long since my last post. My previous post was titled “Let’s play Catch up.”  Well, I think I should also name this post “Let’s Play Catch Up” because once again, it’s very appropriate due to my absence on here. I continue to visit all my favourite blogs so I have not been completely missing in action. I was so thrilled when writer Karen of Runwright asked for an update on my blog! That is what I love about the close-knit blogging community. The support.

In the meantime I have been thinking about my blog and a little bit about evolving it. When I initially started blogging, I was full on in the fitness and achieving and certain aesthetic look (hence the name From Trex to Tigress.) I wanted to add mass to my upper body and slim down my lower body. This goal was made to an extent, but my thinking changed as I approached middle age. Ladies at the gym were dropping like flies in various classes from injury and over stressed bodies. I began to realize that aesthetics (although nice) are not the reason I exercise as I grow older, it is to stay active and vital.  It is to try my best to stay injury-free while doing the activities that I love. It is to stay healthy and happy and mentally well. That is what it is about to me now. Not having a six-pack for perfect glutes. I just want to move. Which is the reason why I will change my blog name to Journey of a Tigress. As cliché as it may be, life is a journey.

While my blog will continue to be about fitness, it will also be about able-bodies and appreciating the gift of movement that I so often take for granted. I still go to my gym to strength train, but I focus a lot on injury prevention. I had a health scare recently as this happens as we age and go through hormonal changes. It turned out to be uterine fibroids (of which I will share my experiences in another post) I will be having surgery in the New year to remove them and will update you. This diagnoses made me realize even more how fragile health and life can be.

I recently started a Saturday class called Warrior Fit from a gift certificate my friend Debbie gave me. It is a bootcamp that includes a fusion of martial arts, dance and cardio. What is different about this bootcamp is that it emphasizes the spirit of a Warrior and empowerment. Our mental health is also included along with the evil burpees and upper cuts. For example on Saturday we focused on gratitude and perseverance in troubling times. It is a fitness class, but to me with a deeper message than just toning the body. It also works on toning the mind. Our minds are our post powerful tools, and can make or break a goal you set out to achieve.


So my dear friends I leave you. Hope to catch up soon. Take care of yourself and others.



15 thoughts on “A Change in Direction

  1. Love it, this will be so much more mentally freeing too I bet! Sorry to hear about your scare, hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery!

  2. I can totally relate, Im making a slow come back after some time off from blogging as well! Im so sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope this comment finds you in a better place. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year!

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