Let’s Play Catch Up

I wanted to title this post “Coffee Date” but I don’t want to have to keep writing “if we were having coffee I would tell you…..”  so I will just call it a catch up. First and fore most, I’m still here. Wowza! I didn’t blog at all this month. My only reason is plain laziness and lack of motivation. By the time I get home, I really don’t feel like logging on the computer and uploading photos from my phone. Then I have to remember that I enjoy blogging and the wonderful connections I have made a long the way.  I have a few new followers and I also want to say thank-you for joining the ride with me. It is Saturday and I have cleaned and grocery shopped for the upcoming week, so I have no excuse. I am blogging right now.

Last week we experienced a Tropical heat wave here in Toronto. It is very unusual to get temps hovering that high this time of year. Yes, September can be nice and balmy, but scorching hot is usually July’s thing. Mr. Trump, I implore you to reconsider your view on climate change. It is happening! Last Sunday, I joined a few friends and neighbours in my building at the pool. It was so hot, we had to keep taking a dive to cool off, then return to our lounge chairs to bake in the sun.

When the first day of Fall came around there was a humidex of 44.  The children at school did not believe me when I said it was now Fall. They were genuinely confused at to why the leaves were turning but it was so darn hot. Andy was in Trinidad to visit with his family, and when he called and complained of the heat there, I was complaining right along with him on my end. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have complained though. The extension of summer provided great evening walks, patio time and pool time. But sure enough, the signs of a new season are popping up everywhere.


We are now at seasonal norms since Wednesday. On Thursday we had the annual Terry Fox Run at School, so thank goodness the humidity passed or the Principal would have had to post pone the event. I always love this event. The students bring in a toonie (two dollars) for Terry to donate to his cancer research foundation. After a quick assembly in the gym to watch a film about Terry’s battle with cancer and his legacy, we head out to the school field to do laps that are marked off. The entire school is involved, down from the smallest kindergarten child to the grade eights. All the staff are invited to run or walk laps.  Music is blaring from the loud speaker and then we enjoy a freezie to cool down at the end of the run. If you love running, google Terry Fox. He ran from coast to coast in Canada to raise money for the Cancer foundation and did so with one leg after he had to undergo an amputation and get a prosthetic. He had to stop his run and could not continue when his cancer returned. Sadly Terry lost his battle at the young at of 18 but his legacy lives on and schools across the nation run for his cause.

I can’t believe that next Sunday is Thanksgiving. It is early this year. While I am always full of gratitude for the bountiful harvest and time with family, it is hard to watch all the devastation going on in our world. The earthquakes in Mexico broke my heart, as rescue crews tried to free people and animals from the rubble. The hurricanes in the Tropics still leave those without power. A good friend of ours cannot reach his two sons in Puerto Rico. A blogger I follow recently heard word from her mother in PR thank God.  My thoughts, prayers and donating what I can are always with those who are recovering from these disasters. Be strong and continue to pray.

Well, I did it! I blogged. It feels good to freshen up this little corner and write again. Wishing you all a wonderful, joyful weekend.







12 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catch Up

  1. Very nice to catch up with what you’ve been up to. You have Spirit stores near you too? I love going in there and seeing all the fun Halloween things. They always have interesting, new things. Sending you wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Dr. Lynn. I do miss blogging a lot. Spirit Halloween stores pop up everywhere at the end of summer here. I love visiting them too. Can’t wait to see your costume this year. You’re always a stunner!

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