Training on Vaycay? Yay or Nay?

Summer is meeting an end and there is a definite chill in the night air already and the days are getting shorter.  Many may be fitting in the last of their summer vacations and fitting in a getaway. The beach, the cottage, camping or a European adventure, whatever your pleasure, do you train during vacation? Many fitness aficionados will say yes and search out a fitness facility as one of the key amenities.

Usually I start my vacation with the goal of being a complete sloth. The only exercise I get will be raising my glass of Chardonnay to my mouth.

I do always pack my exercise gear with the attitude of’ “I’ll see how I feel.”  In Belize the hotel we stayed at was equipped with a fitness centre. The facility was dated and limited but there was a decent set of weights and the gym was a good size, so I could fit in walking lunges, burpees and frog jumps. What could not be beat was the view.

I enjoyed using the elliptical machine while looking out at the Caribbean Sea.


Most hotel gyms have the bare minimum, so you usually have to make do with what is there. This could not be said of the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The gym had state of the art everything, including fresh towels, large screen TV’s  throughout and healthy snacks to grab on the way out, such as bananas and apples. I just couldn’t resist working out at the Hyatt.

Of course a swim in the grande infinity pool is great exercise, but for one I can’t swim and for two my butt was stuck to the lounge chair. So more lifting of Chardonnays it was.


I just returned  from a mini vaycay at a resort with my family. The resort did have a fitness centre, but I chose other forms of physical activity (besides lifting my Chardonnay to my mouth) I walked each morning along the beach. I was up to catch the sunrise and also did some light stretching as well. It was so peaceful and serene each morning before anyone else was up and it was just me and the sounds of lapping waves on the shore and the loons calling in the distance.

The body usually needs a good  break from physical activity and I try to slow down during vacation, but it completely depends on how I feel.  What about you?


8 thoughts on “Training on Vaycay? Yay or Nay?

  1. I love the vacation pics. When I go to a hotel and they have a nice gym, I am often inspired to workout but sometimes the most exercise I get is whatever walking happens during the sightseeing portion.

  2. Oh wow, all of your vacations sound heavenly! That gym at the Hyatt is unbelievable! AND that pool!!! Most of my vacations are not the R&R variety these days, lol. I usually get my exercise sightseeing and chasing the children. HA! I do try to visit the hotel exercise room if I can though.

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