Shannon’s Weight Gain

Hey all you beloved housewife fans! If you do watch the Real Housewives of Orange County you know the Shannon I am referring to in my post title. Mrs. Beador has gained quite a bit of weight since last season and she blames every pound on stress caused from her newest nemesis Vicky Gulvanson.

According to Shannon, she claims that Vicky has been spreading vicious rumors and lies about her marriage, specifically that David “beat the crap out of her.” I myself find this difficult to believe. David seems very mild-mannered and in control of his emotions and not one to fly off the handle. Shannon seems like the spouse who is most likely to lose her temper and get hot-headed. But who knows what really happens when the cameras stop rolling?  Anyhow, the stress of these allegations against Shannon’s husband David has left her stuffing her face and drinking more booze than usual. With these choices came the repercussions of weight gain.

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I think it is very brave of Shannon to be so candid with her struggles and these struggles are relatable. Many people both men and women experience weight gain after a certain age. Regardless of how it happened the main point is that Shannon is not happy with her appearance and feels she must make a change toward a healthier lifestyle. So she goes to see her trainer and nutritionist who I felt made Shannon feel even worse about herself. Not good for his business. He asked Shannon to take off her shirt. She cringed with embarrassment when following his direction. Her discomfort when being on display in a sports bra was obvious. So what does he do? He says, “wow!” He asks her to step on the scale. What does he do after seeing the number. You bet ya. He says. “oh wow,” again. I don’t know about Shannon, but I would want a trainer who was a little more encouraging. Yes it was okay to tell her that her body mass index was dangerously high for a lady of her mature years because that is about life or death, but he could have at least been a little more encouraging and positive. The poor lady was already self-debasing her appearance on her own. She really did not need the trainer adding to it.

Shannon strikes me as a lady who is not a fan of exercise. She was petite when first introduced on the OC Housewives, so this weight gain is something she is not used to carrying.  I think she just relied on detox elixirs from Doctor Moon and maybe a lettuce leaf to maintain her petite frame. Not once did we really see her jogging, walking, swimming or anything physical. When she did exercise at Tamra’s gym, she  was not enjoying it.  To me it looked like she was in a living hell with dumbbells, as Tamra instructed the gals to lunge, squat and burpee. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just ask Eddy and Tamra to help  her. They seem very sympathetic and they are friends so they can hold her accountable when out socially.  If Shannon hates functional and strength training as much as she hates Vicky, then I don’t see her being consistent with her trainer. She needs to find an activity she enjoys so she will stick with the plan. Sorry to inform you Shannon, but a healthy lifestyle includes some kind of moving. Walking Archie every day in her neighbourhood, strolls along the beach, rollerblading, swimming, something, any kind of movement. Come on Shannon! You live in beautiful California. I am sure there is an activity you can find. You don’t have to be a beast like Tamra, but find something to do that body good. This is what I would advise anyone who hates the idea of gyms. Just find an activity you love. Many people belief that if you’re rich that weight loss should be easy, I have heard from some, “Oprah should not be struggling with her weight. She has the best trainers, chefs and dieticians that money can buy.”  I beg to differ. I think it is harder. When I want a bottle of Pinot and a pound cake with lemony icing, at times it is not in the budget for extra indulgences and this serves me well. When you’re rolling in the doh, it is more likely you have what you crave at your disposal. Alcohol, cheesecake, Oreos, ice-cream. Rich or just scrapping by, ultimately your choices help you to reach your goals, but when these things are easy to get it can more difficult to obtain goals.

On a final note, Shannon should probably take a break from being a housewife. She is far too fragile and high-strung for this group. It is affecting her physical and from what I can see her mental health. Is Bravo and the free trips and bags worth it? In the end, I don’t think so.Vicky and Tamra are veterans of the gossip, screaming matches and hair pulling. They can handle it and have probably become immune to the turmoil. Alexis Bellino could not handle it and she said, I’m done! (but she meant it.) If she signs on again with Bravo, Shannon needs to toughen up. Perhaps spend a few days with NeNe Leaks or Porscha whats-her-name. That will add scales to the skin for sure.


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Thank-you for that closing of the post NeNe. Before I sign off, do you think it is easier for the well-to-do to lead a healthier lifestyle?

7 thoughts on “Shannon’s Weight Gain

  1. I am struggling with a similar issue and finding that exercise just isn’t enough to combat the middle aged weight gain so my sympathies to Shannon and everyone else dealing with this.

  2. Middle age weight gain is no joke! My body really wants to carry extra pounds around my middle especially. I have to be careful in a way I never had to when I was under 50. Since then (I’m almost 54) it’s been an increasing struggle.

    I don’t think money makes a huge difference in ability to stay fit but having a bit it does have its perks. You can afford to join a gym and take group classes if you have a hard time motivating yourself or you can hire a personal trainer (not one that says “wow” when you step on a scale). Some people benefit from having a “hand holder.” You might be able to hire a nutritionist or a chef that cooks good, healthy meals. All that being said, if you want to stay or get fit you can absolutely do so…rich or poor. In reality, I think it’s challenging for everyone. We all want to overindulge and be lazy…it’s just how much you dislike the result that gets you to eat better and exercise.

    1. So true Dr. Lynn. I think the human condition of wanting things easier definitely affects us all!
      You’re doing such incredible work to maintain your figure and health and you’re such an inspiration to me!

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