Happy summer!

I am into week two of my summer break and having a grand old time so far. This week I went on a little getaway to Picton, Ontario in Prince Edward County. A quaint little place with small town charm. The street is lined with family run cafes, “Al” type diners, ice-cream parlours, boutiques and bookstores. You know the type of place. Where you enter the local supermarket to buy your touristy things like bug repellent and the cashier personally knows all the shoppers by their first names. “Hey Sue. How’s John and the kids?” People actually smile and greet you on the street. I get a real delight in this kinda a stuff  because I live in a city. I usually get a “hi there” from cashiers if I’m lucky.

I wasn’t sure if I could classify this as a vacation or staycation because it didn’t take us long to get to our Inn. Once we exited the highway, it was just a few country roads with grazing cows and horses in the horizon, dilapidated barns and a quick drive through a wee Hamlet and viola, we arrived! Roughly about two and a half hours in total.

We were lucky because the weather was hot and sunny. On the day we checked out of the Inn to return home is when the torrential downpour happened (and boy did it happen.)  I took quite a few photos, so without further hesitation, allow me to get you better acquainted with Picton.

Where we stayed:

The Picton Habour Inn was simple and quaint in its surroundings; the rooms very clean and comfortable. The staff were friendly and accommodating.


In and around town:

We had a lot of delicious foods. I usually stray from my eating plan and am more laxed about my food intake on vacation/staycation. We had delicious local cuisine and paired with local wines. Prince Edward County is known for its wineries.

Eats and treats:

A real treat was visiting The Sandbanks which is a provincial park and a beach about a ten minute drive from Main street Picton. I have always wanted to go to the Sandbanks and it did not disappoint. The sand was fine, soft and white, and the lake warm and crystal clear in most parts. Some parts were a bit mossy as with many Ontario lakes, but when I gulped in fresh water instead of salt, I remembered that I was not in the Caribbean. I loved hiking up the sandy dunes and discovering what awaited us on the other side. Usually another hidden cove or stretch of beach.

The Sandbanks:


We also hiked the provincial woodlands before calling it a day. It was hot and we needed to cool down from all the walking.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was having a night cap out of a hotel paper cup on the balcony. Lucky for Andy that’s what I like! Nothing fancy required.

How is your summer going so far? Any staycations or vacations on the horizon? Hawaii? Bali? Cantalina Island? Do tell.

8 thoughts on “Vacation/Staycation

    1. Yes! I think you would love it, Maria. I remember reading on your blog you love taking photographs of aging barns and farmlands. A lot of those here! Also the wineries, harbour views and cafes you would love. Be sure to visit the Sandbanks to hike and for beach time.

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