Canada 150 Playlist

In honour of celebrations nationwide for Canada’s 150 birthday on July 1st, I have compiled playlist of an all Canadian line up for your workout. One hundred and fifty! My baby’s getting old. Hey, I even added Drake and I’m not a fan of his music. Could be generational thing, but then again I don’t mind the Biebs. Anyways, hope you enjoy.


Warm up with a Canadian Indie Sweetheart:

Lights- Up We Go


When you start to break a sweat:

Bryan Adams- Run to you ( great choice for marathoners I dare say.)

Justin Bieber- What do you mean?

Justin Bieber- Sorry

The Guess Who- American Woman

Serena Ryder- Stompa

Jully Black- Seven Day Fool


Time to Cool Down (which isn’t that hard up here)

Drake- Hold on, We’re Going Home


And lastly one of my favourites by The Weekend. I like to say, “I feel it coming” when I touch my biceps.


No matter how you celebrate this great country on Saturday, move, grove and take care of yourself, eh.


4 thoughts on “Canada 150 Playlist

  1. Good one. It’s so nice to make a tribute to your country. I just did a red, white and blue themed video for American independence too. All the patriotism, I’m loving it 🙂

    1. How fun, Karen! I hope you had an amazing 4th of July. I find these days people are trashing their respective countries in excess . We do need to acknowledge that all countries have something to answer for. It’s shameful how Canada treated our First Nations brothers and sisters, but it’s important to celebrate our countries too and all the opportunities we’ve been given.

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