Fitness Wrongs or Rights?

I was watching one of my favourite self-help shows called “Yogi Cameron- A Model Guru.”   Yogi Cameron is a former model, who in a former life cavorted with Madonna in sexy music videos. Yogi Cameron now has a much more humble approach to life, practicing Ayurveda yoga and eating a lot of ghee and vegetables in baggy, white cotton pants and no shirt on his back. Well, he had no shirt on his back in the sexy music videos..but I digress.  Each week he will go into a stranger’s home to help them overcome a specific health challenge (depression, headaches, physical pain, lethargy, insomnia) or any number of ailments. Yogi Cameron is a huge advocate of eating fresh, unprocessed foods and massage using Ayurveda essentials oils. Of course he implements Ayurveda yoga as one of the remedies. Usually the featured person on his show comes out feeling a lot better after their week with Cameron and I can see how and why. The true test is being consistent with all the new habits learned and implemented under his watchful eye. I would describe Yogi Cameron of having a firm, yet caring approach to helping his clients.


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(image source LOL!  I like that. From turning heads to changing lives.… (but I digress.)

Last week I watched as he tried to help a man with body fatigue. In a segment of the episode, Cameron visits this gentleman in the gym as the man demonstrates what exercises he does to help stay in shape. The man primarily practiced weight training, much to Cameron’s dismay. “What are doing, man?” Cameron asked. “These exercises are not helping you at all. You want to be strong?” he continued. “All you need to do is Ayurveda Yoga.” Cameron then proceeded to do a number of poses which did indeed display tremendous strength, agility and flexibility.

I believe that Yoga in all its forms can help with pain, and can help you become physically stronger, but I am not sure I agree with Yogi Cameron’s statement. Saying, “yoga is all you need” seems a little biased in my opinion. This man enjoyed weight training and Cameron advised he give up what he does to stay active. If what this man was doing was causing pain and injury, then yes, for sure he should re-visit other forms of exercise, but I don’t feel you can tell someone that “yoga is all you need” if they enjoy another form of exercise and it is not harming them.  Would he tell that to the Zumba Fitness lover who is passionate about this class that helped them transform their life? What about the marathoner, who starts each day with 10 miles in the fresh air? Same goes for the kick-boxer, crossfitter or Muay Thai lover?

Yoga enhances your workout, and it has helped me immensely with preventing injuries and improving my flexibility and mobility. Personally, cross-training has helped me overall when I come to think of it. Yoga has helped me to improve my balance too, but strength training has helped me become stronger to hold those boat poses, bridge poses and warrior poses. Squatting has built my strong legs to hold those chair poses for a long time. Cross training has helped me to hike to higher peaks without losing my breath. I can attribute a stronger heart from jogging, bootcamp and Zumba fitness. What I am saying is, I don’t think there is any right or wrong type of exercise. It comes down to what the person does to become a better version of themselves and what brings them joy.


Yogi Cameron, I really enjoy watching your show and would welcome a visit from you, but doing a variety of workouts has enhanced my life in many ways. Weight training included.


What about you? Do you think there is a one size fits all for fitness?



25 thoughts on “Fitness Wrongs or Rights?

  1. Definitely not. I am a strong believer in doing what you enjoy and what you will be consistent with. Consistency is key. I’ve actually lost 20 pounds in the last year without even trying simply doing what I love, which obviously is running. I also believe in balance though, and cross training has helped me stay injury free. Do what you love.

  2. Yogi Cameron would have totally rubbed me the wrong way if he told me to stop running. Like you said, as long as you’re doing an activity that you enjoy and it’s not hurting you, you should be free to do whatever you please. Yogi Cameron would hate me. I’m not a fan of yoga. LOL.

  3. This is brilliant Char. That’s such a huge problem in this industry, in that everyone wants to make everyone else do exactly as they do or what they think is “right.” Yet hardly anyone thinks about enjoyment, sustainability, etc. which is the most important part. Take away whether someone is “right” or “wrong” about what’s most “optimal”. Optimal means nothing if someone isn’t going to do it.

    1. Hello Colin!
      How true about the industry of health and fitness on a whole. It tends to hone in on one way to make money and then it just runs with it! I love Yoga, but it is ALL the rage for the past few years. Sustainability and enjoyment are truly the key factors to vital living and movement. It is the only way people will get off the couch and get active.
      I miss you dear, friend. So glad to see you back in my little corner of the internet. Value and respect your feedback and comments.

      1. Sorry I’ve been away! I actually do catch some of your blogs but I’ve gotten lazy and read them in my email. Sorry! And couldn’t agree more!

  4. NO! No one size fits all!! To each their own & it has to be something they will want to do for life – even if that changes multiple times thru life. I am not a fan of my way or the highway 🙂

  5. I agree with you, cross training is better. You should read or look at Juan Carlos Santana. I’ve done a few of his distance learning functional training course from dswfitness and like his principle of a bit of everything can deliver better results than just one aspect. No aspect is wrong yet none is right, they just offer different results/can compliment/offer what another cannot (though he does advocate his method is the best one, but he would). Plus if you do cross train, try new things, you won’t know what else you like or dislike! I personally like to combine a bit of everything, try knew things with favourites to shake things up, challenge my body and mind and have fun with it ✨

  6. Great post. I feel the same way about barre as he feels about yoga! I have seen changes in myself with barre that I never did with any other type of exercise and that’s all I’ve been doing for 3 years.

    I also blog about similar topics. Feel free to check out my blog if you want!

  7. Some things may be better than others depending on people’s goals. I agree that it is important people do something that brings them joy… and also something they can do and not lose motivation and fail to achieve their goals. Thanks for writing this post!

  8. I think yoga is a great tool to use help improve your fitness and health. Defiantly, not the only tool in the tool box to help improve your fitness and health though. Great post!

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