This is Soon to Come

Ahhh Spring. It reminds me that this too shall pass.


Teeth chattering in your car as you wait till the engine warms up. This too shall pass.

Seeing your breath in the bitter air as you make a beeline for said car. This too shall pass.

Hibernating and not being able to shake the feeling of just wanting a cozy night in. This too shall pass.

Layers and layers of undershirts, sweaters and heavy jacket. This too shall pass.

Balling up your hands in a fist, shoulders hunched when you meet the frigid morning air. This too shall pass.

Short days where four o’clock p.m seems late and is too dark for this or that. This too shall pass.


But this is soon to come.


Looking ahead to a long, evening constitutional. This is soon to come.

An evening burst of energy to spring clean, meet a friend for a drink or lace up your running shoes and head to the track because it is eight o’clock p.m, but is still so light out. This is soon to come.

Hearing on the radio that a light jacket or sweater will suffice today. This is soon to come.

Buying new garden tools, taking out the rakes, shovels and garden gloves because it will be warm and sunny all weekend and your annuals are waiting for some TLC. This soon is to come.

Opening up the cottage, lake house or trailer for those long weekends. Sweeping the porch, cleaning the  dusty mats from the garage and wiping clean the patio furniture for the backyard. This is soon to come.

Taking your workout outside to lunge, stretch or leap in green grass. This is soon to come.

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and NOT a snow plow. This is soon to come.

Pouring rain, a torrential downfall,  followed by the sun breaking through the clouds. This is soon to come.

Sunny days. Lemonade. Sweet, thirst-quenching strawberries, blackberries and watermelon. Light, fruity Pinot. Clean crisp Chardonnay on your friend’s deck. This is soon to come.

Thank-you God for fresh starts, new beginnings and the feeling of a second chance.

This is soon to come.



Are you excited about what is soon to come?



12 thoughts on “This is Soon to Come

  1. I love all the seasons. Spring is special it’s when I downsize my life even more. I always feel a renewing and refreshing at this time. As always thanks for sharing your positivity my friend. 🌹

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