A Merry Sickmas…

Hello and Season’s Greetings! Or Season’s Gagging. However you take this post….

Hope you are enjoying the last of season as we wrap up Christmas and go into 2017. As we approach the New Year and lounge in those lazy days post-Christmas, I am re-evaluating my goals, reaffirming my goals and in bed fighting a terrible stomach flu.

That’s right, the days after Christmas Day were not so merry after all.  It all started Christmas Eve as we gathered at my sister-in-law Wendy’s and brother Philip’s house for a lovely spread of appetizers and drinks. My sister Camille complained of “feeling a little off” as we chatted in the dining room. Well, the next day her “feeling a little off” turned into a full-blown stomach flu. Complete with vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and a fever. Next it was her partner Glenn and her son, Daniel, all with the same retched symptoms. Unfortunately for them, they spent Christmas Day in bed… and in the washroom. According to Camille, they ran all day and night to the washroom until the wee hours of the morning. Not exactly a great way to get a “run” in.

Next, that pesky little bug found its way to me. I enjoyed a delicious dinner at my sister-in-law Ninette’s and brother Stuart’s house on Christmas Day, complete with a delicious, fresh, grain-fed turkey, roast beef and all the trimmings. I was feeling in fine form, happy to see my niece Kenya who is away from home for school so I don’t see her often.  I ate well (a little too well), had a hot chocolate and drank wine, but at around two o’clock in the morning, my tummy began to churn. I turned on my side in bed in a fetal position, thinking I may have just over-indulged and my stomach was feeling angry with me. Not so. Less than five minutes later I was doing that sprint to the washroom. This back and forth sprint carried on until around 7 am. I chose not to take the Imodium in the washroom medicine cabinet. I just wanted whatever it was to just flush through my system.

The next day, I learned that my mom and sister Francine, my niece Krystin and her husband Matt all were taken down by this pesky bug. It really had a great time with my family this season! Today, I finally mustered up the energy to shower and wash my hair that has been in a the same bushy bun for the past two days. I organized my closet, ate a little and vacuumed. Andy cleaned and disinfected the washroom and cleaned all the wrapping paper and empty boxes to the recycling room. (God bless him!) Knock wood, he is not sick and is still hustling with gigs and rehearsals.

What to do when you are sick post-Christmas day:

  1. Stay in bed and delve into a good book. Right now I am reading a mystery by Joy Fielding.

2. Stay into your  cozy P.J’s. There is no reason to change since you can’t go anywhere.

3. Watch the W network cheesy holiday movies that usually still aire until New Year’s Eve. Watch The Big Bang Theory marathon. Watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog cook together. Fo’shizzle!

4. Lie on the couch by the bright window light streaming in and look at all your pores and chin hairs in your compact. Take note to fix that mess once you are able.

5. Talk on the phone to friends and family instead of texting. Have a hearty conversation! This will lift your spirits.

6. Drink loads of water. Drink ginger ale and Gatorade.


Stay healthy my friends! Trex to Tigress will be back in 2017. May you have a happy, safe, prosperous and HEALTHY New Year!

Fo’ Shizzle! Okay Snoop Dog and Martha. Thanks a lot. I’ll stop typing now….



18 thoughts on “A Merry Sickmas…

  1. Oh no! Hope you’re feeling back to tricks! I had something similar last week. No es bueno 🤢🙁
    Hope everybody’s ok for the New Year 😀

  2. OH my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear this! That must have been a nasty bug to spread to so many of you! My 6 year old threw up on Christmas Eve night and I was so worried we’d all get sick, but he seemed fine after that and none of us got sick! I was so grateful. I’m so happy to hear you’re doing better. I hope you can enjoy your New Year’s Eve!

    1. Thank goodness your son and family were fine after the one episode. This virus is airborne so it’s so easy to get.
      We are all on the mend now, except my poor husband has a miserable cold.

  3. So sorry to hear of your illness. Hopefully it’s better for the New Year! I succumbed to a summer flu, and spent most of the week before Christmas in bed – luckily I was better on Christmas Eve! (However, I have been left with a lingering cough – especially when I try to exercise).

    Welcome to 2017, may you have a great year.

  4. I hope you and your husband are both better now and that the bug didn’t quench all your holiday festivities. Happy New Year to you and here’s to a healthy rest of 2017.

    1. Much better now. Thanks Karen. Lucky for my husband, he didn’t get the stomach bug but he has a pesky cough and cold. In my opinion, the stomach bug is much worse. Hopefully 2017 has healthy roads ahead.
      Wishing you all the very best Karen!

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