Pickering Fit Body Bootcamp

One feature I want to focus on going further on this blog is trying out new and not so new fitness trends in my area and sharing my experiences with readers. I like this idea because ideas of staying fit and healthy are so unique, I found it necessary to share all the options out there. A standard gym might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Last week I reached out to Pickering Fit Body Bootcamp to inquire if I could try the class. The facility is close to my job and home, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to mix things up and have a fun challenge.

Before I started the class I had a chat with owner Daryl.  I could tell after our talk that Daryl is a man who is passionate about fitness and helping people to achieve their wellness goals and live their best life. Starting out as a personal trainer to elite athletes, and entertainers in the film industry who need to shape up or buff up for their T.V and movie roles, Daryl saw that there was a need to spread his wealth of knowledge to the everyday person who simply wants to become healthier in mind, body and soul. The parent who is needs more hours in the day just to keep afloat, the senior who wants to improve mobility and quality of life, the mom who wants her mojo back now that the kids have left the nest, or the person (like myself) who wants to feel and look better, this is the bootcamp for you! At only 35 minutes per session, with a variety of time-slots, this class is perfectly suited to someone who cannot spend a long time at the gym and desires a more personal experience with their workout facility.

The Pickering Fit Body workout also educates their clients on matters of healthy eating, health-wise purchases to put in your grocery cart, and accountability. This is so important. I cannot stress this enough. I think everyone needs support and encouragement to stay on track, especially if new to an exercise program. If signed up for ten classes but haven’t been attending, trust me, you will be getting a one to one call from Daryl to offer you support and to devise a feasible plan to make your goals a reality. Daryl is all about having a personal relationship and seeing each client and their needs as individuals.

I observed the 3:45 pm class a bit before changing for my 4:20 pm time slot. All fitness levels, varied ages, under the watchful eye of coach Nikki, ensuring form was correct and injury prevented. Nikki herself has been active all her life, but fell into a fitness rut. Not only did Pickering Fit Body Bootcamp help her get back her motivation, but she became certified to instruct the bootcamps.

The large, bright and clean facility is well-equipped with a wide array of apparatus including stationary bikes, free weights, TRX suspension ropes, medicine and bosu balls and bars for chin-ups and pull-up strength moves just to name a few. Now it was time for me to step up and try this class!

Starting with a warm-up of light jogging around the sizeable workout area, moving knee-highs and side shuffles, Nikki then explained the W.O.D (workout of the day.)  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but I am always pushed to my limits with these type of classes. On a rotation with push-ups, planks, over-head medicine ball lifts with burpees, “around the world” mountain climbers on the Bosu and crazy Ivans with bicycle crunches,  my entire body was challenged. I really appreciated Nikki’s gentle way of correcting form as she walked around the participants, without putting members on the spot. Modifications were demonstrated to accommodate all fitness levels. Trust me, on the second set of planks I had to go on the knees to finish off the movement. Our class ended with a quick HIIT of jump squats and knee-high sprints and a cool down.

What I loved about the ending of the class was the stretch portion. During this time, Nikki gave a pep talk to members. Encouraging us not just look at the number on a scale, but noting other changes in overall fitness. One member shared that she can plank longer now. Another shared that he has more energy, while someone else said that their mood is much better and they are feeling more positive and excited about life. The power of exercise! So many reasons to get moving.

I truly loved my experience at Pickering Fit Body Bootcamp and would recommend this facility for anyone seeking a more personal type of bootcamp, where you are not just seen as a client or a member number, but an individual.


For further information, be sure to click the link above.


21 thoughts on “Pickering Fit Body Bootcamp

  1. Hi, great post!!! I am modeling my blog to be fitness inspiration and definitely want to use content like this. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas and following the progress!

      1. Thank you for taking the time to read my site! I would be more than happy to be a gust writer. Just let me know what I can do

      2. Also, I looked at your site and you have a lot of great material. As my site and business take off I would like to feature you in some of my posts in the future. I would love to have you as a guest writer/blogger as well. I will be sure to stay in touch

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