So Long Summer

At the risk of sounding cliche, I will go ahead and exclaim, “I can’t believe summer is over next week!”

I started my second week of work today and much to my surprise I transitioned into early mornings very well. Sometimes I surprise myself and wake up before my alarm. Even more shocking, I was bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 5 am last Friday and couldn’t sleep a minute more. I drank a coffee and headed to the gym! Yes the gym! It almost felt like an out of body experience truth be told.

Although I will miss the lazy, hazy days of summer, I’m looking forward to Fall.  A new season always reminds me of new beginnings. Fresh starts and fresh goals. I begin a new gym program with my trainer Camille and we are really focusing on building more upper body mass.

I always enjoy Fall’s bountiful harvest. Squash in all its forms, roasting pumpkin seeds, and autumn wines of the rich, fruity, red variety. I plan on incorporating a lot of fresh, local produce in my fall recipe planning. (and sipping a wee bit while I cook.)

A few of us are discussing going to a yoga retreat in October, but planning is still in the early stages. The retreat will involve horse-back riding, hiking, yoga and meditation. Hopefully we are able to make it.

Well, that’s about it. What do you enjoy most about Fall? The fashion? (hello cozy scarves and boot season). The  foliage?  Pumpkin-spiced everything back in the stores?


15 thoughts on “So Long Summer

  1. We don’t have fall like back east but I grew up back east so I know it! I just love the cooler weather, the colors and smells & taking me back to a simpler time feel. It does get too crazy with all the holidays & all but I love the other aspects of it! I miss the changing season of it here in southern CA.

  2. I was sad to see summer end too, but I’m loving fall now! I love the coziness, the cooler weather, the pumpkin everything and just everything about it!
    That yoga retreat sounds absolutely heavenly! I hope you’re able to make it. I’d love to hear all about it!

  3. Fall Autumn (it’s actually Fall, but us Brits years ago wanted to be posh and speak French) doesn’t really happen here. It’s gets cooler, but no cosy knits or scarves like in the UK. It’s weird I’ve been in the Med 11 years, but my body clock’s programme for cooler temps that don’t happen until mid October! And even then midday you can sunbathe!

  4. Ooh. Today is our first real fall temperatures in NYC. When I went out running this morning, it was chilly and I LOVED it.
    I am also trying to wake up at 5 am. It’s a transition but I do so enjoy early morning productivity 🙂

  5. Summer always seems to go by too fast but I do like the cozy fall season also. A yoga retreat sounds great. Fall is a nice time to get away.

  6. HA! i love it! My name is all over this post. So Char, have you been missng me? lol Great post, I love the idea of a yoga retreat. Actually any kind of retreat sounds good, I need a vacation! 🙂

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